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No To get pregnant you need to have sperm enter your vagina. and sperm comes from a human males penis.

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Girl vaginal hole?

What is the question?

When finging a girl which hole do you finger?

You finger the vaginait is the middle hole

What is the vaginal opening of a girl?

The hole where she has babies from, her period from, and has sex.

Im a guy and you dont no what hole you finger a girl in?

See the clit? under it there's a hole, that's where you finger her, or you could just finger her ass...

What hole do you stick you finger in a girls vagina?

the vaginal opening that leads to the cervix. At your age though...I dont know

What hole do you finger on a girl?

either You can finger a girl in the vagina (if you know where it is) if you want but she will appreciate you more if you can find and finger her clitoris (clit). This is the tiny knob found at the top of her labia.

Which hole does a guy finger a girl in?

the hole they have sex in the last one at the bottom DEPENDS ON THE GUYS TASTE

What does the expiration date mean on a credit card?

It means you can finger your nan up he bum hole , and also lick her vaginal fluids

How should a boy finger a girl?

u get ur middle finger (because its the longest) and where the hole is that the penis goes into the vagina, place ur finger there then push into her and out The question was " how SHOULD a boy finger a girl " and NOT how a boy SHOULDN'T finger a girl, that is how you don't do it, unless you don't want her to let you do it again.

Where is your vaginal hole?

the vaginal hole, is located down, below the clitoris. That's why the female can av sex in different position.

Which hole do you stick it in top or bottom hole?

If the girl lies on her back, the top is the vagina, the bottom is the anus. I'd start with vaginal sex if it's her and/or your first time.

How many holes in the girl vegetable?

There are two holes one to pee out of and the other for sex or just the main vaginal hole…

Can you get an STD If you finger a girl then touch you penis?

it is possible if you didnt wash your hands and you touched the head where your hole is.

How many hole on an girl can you have sexual intercorces?

There are 3 holes in which sexual acts can be preformed on a woman. The anus, Vaginal opening and the mouth.

Vaginal canal is hole for penetration?

Yes, there are 3 holes: the anus, the urethra and the vaginal canal. The vaginal canal is where you go.

How many holes r there in a girl body for sex?

Anal and vaginal sex.Oral sex is also one if you consider the mouth a hole.

How do you touch a part of the brain?

drill a hole in your skull and poke your finger in drill a hole in your skull and poke your finger in

What hole do you stick your finger in the girls vagina?

There is only one and that is the vaginal canal. It's right behind the labia's. Below it is the rectum which looks the same for everybody so you can't be mistaken.

How many fingers do you need to play the note F on the recorder?

You would need 6 fingers to play F sharp(#). You need your left-hand thumb on the only hole on the bottom, your index finger on the 1st hole on the top(B), your middle finger on the 2nd hole(A), and your ring finger on the3rd hole(G). You need your middle finger of your right-hand on the 5th hole, and your ring finger on the 6th hole(F#)! You need 7 fingers to play F natural. As I said before, you need B, A, & G. Then you need your index finger on the 4th hole of your right hand, your middle finger on the 5th hole(E), your pinky on the 7th hole(F natural)!

What finger is d on the recorder?

Middle finger, no thumb, second hole.

How do lesbians finger?

Lesbians finger by using one or more fingers and pushing them in and out of the hole of your vagina...the hole where blood comes out on your period.

You urinate out of the same hole you get your period?

No. The hole where you pee (the urethra) is a couple of inches above your vaginal opening

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