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When a girl says Nice to hear from you?

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She simply means exactly that she likes talking to you.

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If a girl says you smell nice does she like you?

if a girl tells you that you smell nice it most likely either means that you really do smell nice or they like you. With a girl you will never know.

What does it mean when a girl says you?

it means that you smell horribly nice

What does a girl mean when she says that you are not bad?

When a girl says that you not bad means that she thinks you are a nice person. This could also mean that she likes you.

When a guy says Nice to hear from you?

He's being sarcastic ---------------------------- Or just normally/politely pleasant, don't read anything into it. It could mean he is really happy to hear from you! My interest says that to me all the time and he also says hope to hear from you soon. It's a good thing!

What do you tell a girl when she says tell me something?

I love you. tell her what you know nice

What should you do when a girl says you were mean?

First of all always be nice to the girl and you would not have to worry about this and yes she might of wanted more attention but basically be nice. Always be nice and help her out to repay her for your wrong doing.

If a girl says you have nice eyes is that flirting?

No, not that simple......But in a lot of cases it would be flirting.

What does a girl mean when she says nice guy?

It means that you like someone, so you call them that.

How do you please a girl the right way?

Listen to what she says, play it cool, and just be nice.


Just be nice and agree on anything she says and you will be good

What the girl like to heir?

they want 2 hear that they are pretty but say nice shoes or nice purse or cool hair den walk away

Is it good or bad if the girl you are dating tells you you are too nice?

It depends on how she says it. If she says it sweet like "you're too nice." then she's complementing you, but if she says it like "you're TOO nice." then she means you complement her too much or you're too nice and sweet to her. Hopefully it's the first one.

Would Justin Bieber go out with a blond girl?

On his facebook it says "Type of girl: girls with a nice smile, nice eyes and a great personality" and he said the same on his Twitter as well.

Do you tell me It is nice to hear from you or hearing from you?

Hear from you

Is it true when you watch t v in emerald it says red and blue emerald?

a nice girl..

What does it mean when a girl says you like nice?

itz a polite way of telling you that you look cute

What do you do if you like this girl but you think she is not intressted in you and dont want to be go up and ask because u dont want to hear her say no?

well if you think shes a nice girl u should ask her but if she says no and ur immbaresed well say ok thanks but can we still be friends

What does Justin biber look for in a girl?

A nice smile and a stunning personality! He says he also looks for a girl with a sense of humor and brown hair!

What does it mean if a girl hugs you and says you're her favorite and says you have nice hair?

My friend's GF always gives me a hug and says she likes my one of my other friend's hair

What does it mean when a guy says you need a nice sterile girl?

He's a heartless jerk and your wasting your time

What does it mean when a guy says nice rack to a girl?

It means he approves of their breasts. Depending on the guy and girl, it is either a great compliment or a perverted observation.

What is the Difference between pleasant and unpleasant sounds?

Pleasant sounds are nice to hear and unpleasant sounds are not nice to hear.

Hot to get a girl you like?

If she is Under 12 then: Be nice to her, become friends with her, get really close to her, ask her out, If she says no then do everything she wants and get hott. She should say yes. If she still says no then do something really big for her and do something nice which she likes. She would definitely say yes. Always be nice to her and be really hott. If she's 12-15 then do what teenagers do and get really hott. Or go on youtube and look for a video "how to get a girl who is (how old she is)." Tip: Always be nice to a girl, compliment her and be hott.

Did the girl on the Ellen Degeneres show actually say no to the wedding proposal?

yes if you hear closely she says " no, no, I cant sorry"

Is Emily osment a nice girl or mean girl?

she is nice and just a regular girl