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Well, it's either she likes you, or you look funny. But most girls stare at a guy to get his attention.

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Q: When a girl stares you does she like you?
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There's a girl that stares at me does this mean she likes me?

yes if a girl stares at u all the time that shows that, possibly she like u yes if a girl stares at u all the time that shows that, possibly she like u

Why does a boy stares a girl?

he may like you or there something in your hair

If a boy stares at you and the girl looks and he keeps on staring does he like her?


Does a girl like you if she slaps you in the arm?

Depends, maybe for joking. If the girl stares at you alot, then maybe.

What does it mean when a girl stares at you?

that they like u or u just look funny

If an 8th girl always corrects you and stares at you does she like you?

yes it means she likes you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boy stares at girl?


If a girl stares at your lips what does it mean?

It means she's listening to you, not wants to kiss you! xD If a girl stares at ur lips it most definitely means she likes you. She is probably imanging what it would be like to kiss you.

If a girl you like stares at you and she barely talks to you does this mean she loves you?

No she doesn't love you and might not even like you. Sorry:(

If a girl constantly stares at you but she asks to do things for her what is she trying to say?

If she stares it means she likes you.

If a girl stares at you does that mean she likes you?

No, it either means she bored, she's thinking, or if she stares at you a lot and talks to you then she might have a crush on you! But you never know with girls!

What if a boy says he doesn't like but stares at you and likes other girl when he stares you smile at him and he smiles back?

He's lying... he likes you and is afraid... Or he's a stalker lol

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