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==Headline== Good going for you! I sure hope it works out for you as well. Sounds as if things are going along nicely. Good luck Marcy I hope this works...I never have used this function before...thanks for your response! I appreciate your answer! He offers great advice and I have thanked him for it...he's also opening up to me about things with him and I'm listening to him as well. I hope it turns out more than just friendship! Yes it is. Love really is about being friends first then the rest is a bonus. Sounds like this guy is quite mature for his years. When you care about someone (even a good friend) or love someone, then nothing should stop you from being there for that person. I would like to warn you not to use this guy (unintentionally of course) as a sounding board. It's fine to talk about your problems, but you need to listen to advice from him and then put that advice to work. No one wants to listen to someone talk about the same problems when that person is doing nothing to fix that problem. Marcy

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Q: When a guy says he's cares about you and offers to listen to your problems is this a sign he might have feelings for you?
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