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See linked question below.

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Q: When a heavy and a light object are dropped from the same height will they both hit the earth at the same time?
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How could you determine if it will take the same time for the lighter and heavier object to reach the ground when dropped at the same height in the same time?

drop a heavy object and a light object from the same height at the same time. time it with a stopwatch, or just watch them.

A heavy and light objects are dropped from the rest at the same time in a vacuum the heavier object will reach the ground?

The heavy object will reach the ground at the exact same time as the lighter object (if they were dropped at the same time).

A heavy and a light object released from the same height in a vacuum have equal?


Does uniformly increasing acceleration properly characterize the motion of a heavy object thrown violently downward from a tall building?

The largest variation from two objects moving downward either 'dropped' or 'thrown' thereby allowing earth's natural gravity to increase until an object approaches and/or reaches maximum velocity. The difference in the two examples, 'dropped' or 'thrown' objects merely illustrates that the "thrown" object will reach maximum velocity quicker than the 'dropped' object.

How will a package look after it was dropped from an airplane?

That would depend on the package, its contents and how it is wrapped. An empty, sturdy box will soon achieve terminal speed and look much like the box would after being dropped from a height of a few meters. A poorly wrapped heavy object would be seriously damaged.

A heavy object and a light object are dropped from rest at the same time in a vacuum The heavier object will reach the ground?

They will hit the ground at the same time, since there is no wind resistance in a vacuum

If 500-n force is applide to a 10-kg and 5-kg which one accelerates faster?

they will accelerate at the same time. Just like what happens when a heavy and light object are dropped from the same height in a vacuum, they will reach the ground at the same time.

Why is the mass of an object the same on the moon as it is on earth but the object weight is different?

The reason is because the mass is like the volume and the weight is like how heavy an object is.

Why is it easier to lift and carry heavy object on the moon than on earth?

Due to the lighter gravity, yes it would be "easier" to carry a heavy object on the moon. It would weigh only a fraction of it's weight on earth (about 83.3% less).

How do you measure height by dropping an object?

-- Take a heavy object and a stopwatch. -- Start the timer as you drop the object from the unknown height. -- Stop the timer when the object hits the ground. -- Read the time off the watch, in seconds. Square it. (Multiply it by itself.) -- Multiply that result by 16.1 . -- Now you have the distance the object fell, in feet.

How does a ramp make it easier to move a heavy object?

What a ramp does is trade distance for height. So it's not easier to move an object so much as it's easier to lift an object with a ramp.

How do you get rid of a black toenail?

If an object heavy enough to turn the nail black has been dropped on the nail, it will probably fall off by itself eventually.

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