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Depending on how lazy they are, it could take a couple of months. It took three months for mine. Just keep bugging them- remember, they don't care about you, really. So, be a pest.

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Q: When a loan payment is mailed in full with a certified check how long does it take for the title and loan release form to get mailed to you?
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Can you put a stop payment on a certified check?

No, one cannot put a stop payment on a certified check. The point of issuing a certified check is to guarantee that the check can be cashed immediately - like cash.

How do I send in a payment without coupon mailed just the coupon in the envelope but forgot to put in check?

How do I send in a payment without a coupon? I mailed the coupon but forgot to put the check in the envelope.

Can you stop payment on a certified check?

Call the bank where you got the check.

What happens if your certified check is lost or stolen?

I mailed a money order and it never arrived, what can be done

Where can you get a us certified check?

They will send me payment have order email number and form of a certified check or money and and it will be delivered to before the week run out

If your disability check is mailed can your disability check be still garnished by an administrative offset?

Sure, the way payment is made doesn't change a thing. The offset is made well before the payment is issued, by check or electronic check.

When will my check be mailed?

what date will my ssi check be mailed out to my address

When would you ues a certified check?

When the persone receiving the check, the payee, wants to ensure that there are sufficient funds and that the check wont bounce. A certified check is as good as cash and a more secure method of payment for the payee.

What are the dividend payment methods?

There are normally two ways by which dividends can be paid. You can have a check mailed to you, or you can have the dividend deposited directly into your account.

Do you have the right to refuse a payment if lien holder refuses to give recipt on payment?

No! But there are was around it, use a certified or cashers check so that you have proof that it was paid, send it certified mail so that you can show it was signed for etc.

Can you stop payment on a certified check because of misrepresentation?

You should assume the answer is no. Banks are required by law to honor certified checks or face penalties in most cases. You should contact your bank to see if they will stop payment for you, but be aware they are not legally required to except under specific circumstances, and even then there is a particular procedure to follow. It's much more difficult to stop payment on a certified check than on a regular check, so you're probably going to wind up having to let the check be cashed and then sue to recover your damages.

When is your credit card information safe?

when you don't share your credit card with anyone and if you are asking in context of on-line credit card processing then check security system of website whether it is PCI-DSS certified. And if payment page goes to a payment gateway then check if that payment gateway is PCI-DSS certified .Suppose you are booking a movie ticket online via Bookmyshow and you pay by credit card then this website redirects you to Emvantage payment gateway which is security certified. So by this way you can safe your card information.

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