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It depends on the girl. She may be close to tears to hear someone say something so sweet (which is probably how I would respond), but she may laugh in their face and walk off. She may seem rude at the moment to, but she may reallly just be embarassed for not already knowing this.

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When should your boyfriend tell you he loves you?

If your boyfriend wants to and has those feelings he will do it when he wants to and is ready. Don't expect it just because your dating because that does not always mean they are in love with you.

Does love always happen when you least expect it?


Does the guy like you if he always stares at you and checks on you and hopes to talk to you?

80-90 percent of the time, yes. It does mean that the guy likes you. But do not expect them to own up to it all the time. Sometimes they are unaware of their feelings or in denial.

What would you do if you found true love?

Cherish it, help it to grow, don't rush things, be very patient and forgiving, expect the feelings to go away and stay bound together only by the duties you took on and committed to as you fell in love. But do not panic when the feelings go away, if both of you continue faithfully with the duties you took on and committed to as you fell in love, the feelings always eventually return.

What values can you get in the movie Clash of the Titans?

dont always expect help to come when you need it, but expect it to come

What do coaches expect from you at travel soccer try outs?

They expect effort, skill, being active, and always trying their best

I love a girl from school we hardly talk to each other as its awkward between us as she knows about your feelings should I ask her out?

No, because chances are if she knows then she is not interested in going out with you! You mentioned that you barely even talk, how do you expect a serious relationship from this? Perhaps you should start by building up a friendship first, which is what most girls will expect. If she knows about your feelings it is likely she doesnt know how to act. Talk to her! Good luck! :) go for it all she can do is say no ask her an open minded question something she can't answer with yes no or maybe

What would i expect to pay someone to hang drywall and complete finishing?

I always call 2-3 of them and get an estimate. Saves a lot of discussion later. Then I always expect them to ask for about 10 % more .

What should i do im im love with my boyfriend but fancy somebody else?

If you "fancy" someone else then your feelings may not be what they seem towards your boyfriend. It would be best to take time for yourself to sort out your feelings however, you can't expect those to wait while you decide nor is it fair to keep them in limbo. Remember a wandering eye is common however, the grass isn't always greener. If you decide to let your current boyfriend go to see this other don't expect to go back if things don't work out. Be sure of your present feelings before making any hasty decisions.

When ants walk in a line expect rain when they scatter expect fair weather?

false ants always travel in straight lines

Does rihanna still has feelings for Chris Brown?

She probably does. she's still a kid so you won't expect her to get over him that easily.

What do you expect from your partner?

Commitment Energy Love They can express their feelings They do not get drunk too often...or at all Understanding during hard times Likes your family Gets along with your family Understands you and your needs and feelings

Is it okay for you to love somebody who does not love you back?

Its painful =[ but always expect the unexpected!

Do you need to tell always the truth to your friends?

Only if you expect them to remain your friends.

Would you expect to require the most force?

Absolutely. Always assume the worst.

What does a boyfriend expect from his girlfriend?

Nothing should be "expected" - treat others the way you would like to be treated - be loyal, faithful, respectful, caring, communicative, passionate, funny, helpful among some.

2 blondes walk into a building you would think one of them would have seen it?

you should never expect a blonde to think anything. you should never expect a blonde to think anything.

Did any builders from the UK help in the construction of the empire state building?

The building was done by 3400 workers and most of them were immigrants from Europe. I expect some people from the UK were amongs them.

What do you expect when you pray?

I expect that God hears me. I expect that God will answer my prayer. He may say yes or no, but I do believe He will answer. I may not always recognize the answer, so I believe it's prudent to ask for the ability to understand. I expect that if God says "no," He will reply with an answer that is better than what was denied.

Does turtles always close their eyes?

No, not always. if you have turtle pets you will notice probably. Maybe. I never had a pet with water, expect for fish.

When a guy likes you does he buy expensive things?

Never expect a guy to buy expensive things but sometimes he can express his feelings though items for you.

Are they still building a white castle in whitehall Pennsylvania?

Yes they are. I emailed them and they expect it to be open by the end of October 2010

What did the audience expect from the actors?

Audiences always expect the same thing from actors--to be entertained. In order to do the entertaining, the actors must be heard or seen or preferably both.

What complications can I expect when I begin body building?

When you first begin to body build, you can expect that you'll have extremely sore muscles, and that you'll be wanting to take a day off, or be tempted to stop your diet.

How do you use a sentence with accountability?

voters should always expect accountability from their elected officials