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i think what is right they should go tht way.

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Why should you change who you are to make someone like or love you?

If you have to change for someone then they don't love you. Be yourself and don't change for anyone. When you find someone who loves you for who you truly are, you'll be happy

How do you know if someone really loves you and if there is some ONE ELSE IS In the picture?

If someone really truly loves you there will be no one else in the picture at all. You should be able to tell if someone truly loves you by the way they look at you, their actions, they are there for you no matter what happens, and you should be able to feel their love for you.

How much should you let your boyfriend try to change you?

I do not have a boyfriend because I am a heterosexual male. If a female were to address this issue, I would advise her to let her boyfriend change her as little as possible, since anyone who truly loves you should love you as you are.

What does a girl expect from her boyfriend whom she truly loves?

Make sure he truly loves you too.

How do you ask your boyfriend if he truly loves you?

Just ask him Answer You should not have to ask. He will show it and you will know it.

How do you tell your boyfriend how you truly feel about him?

well if you know he truly likes/loves you, then you should express it by caring. You should just listen to him and try and make him happy. If he really likes you then he should do the same for you. And depending on how old you are, you should tell him how much you truly love him.

Can an abused woman ever accept true love?

yes but it takes time and truly trusting the man who says he loves you until you trust the person then you can never fully accept his love and he will get frustrated and walk away from you

What moral lesson you get from the legend of magat river?

Never break your promise to someone you really love for trust cannot be regain like what it once was. And, never hide secrets from your partner coz he/she should accept you no matter what, if he/she truly loves you.

How would you know if he truly loves you or if he is faking it?

I have a boyfriend who I truly love and will do anything for him.. He says he loves me and will marry me one daybut what I want to know does he truly loves me or is he faking it. I love him alot and care for him and his family. NOt to mention he is a mexican.

Your boyfriend is loving how long will this last?

If he truly loves you it should last forever !Even if you no longer love him!

Should I get married to my 22 year old boyfriend who is in the Army if I'm only 18?

I think you should if you truly love him and he loves you

Daisy truly love Tom?

No Daisy doesn't truly love Tom. She truly loves Gatsby

How do you get a your boyfriend to say he loves you?

be patient he will if he truly loves you it just has to be at the right moment

What do you do if you know your boyfriend is madly in love with you but his friends hate that he is going out with you?

If he really, truly loves you, you should stay together.

What shoud a boyfriend do if he got with a girl and she has been writing a prison inmate for years but she loves the boyfriend?

If it bothers the boyfriend that she is writing to the inmate then he should talk to her and tell her he minds because if she truly loves the boyfriend she should not mind to do somthing that the person she loves asks her to do.

If your husband knows that his family never accepted you because of your skin color will you depend and protect your wife to your family?

Well if ur husband truly loves you, he will defend u and stand by the fact that u are not going anywhere and his family will have to accept you the way you are, and u cant change it . :)

How can you find out if a guy loves you?

It is sort of obvious. If he truly loves you, he will tell you. If he does really nice things for you, he probably loves you.

How do you know if he really loves her?

Unfortunately, no one but him could possibly know if he truly loves her.

I met a boy over the internet and I really love him and he loves me. We are both really young but only in a month he wants to sexy talk but I don't want to what should i do?

I think you should tell him that! If he still does and you told him 2 times then you might as well move on or tell him that you will not talk back if he does that! If he truly loves you he will stop the first time. Tell him! You might move on or tell him you are not going to respond to that after 2 times. Anyway if he truly loves you he will stop. Tell him! You might move on or tell him you are not going to respond to that after 2 times. Anyway if he truly loves you he will stop.

How do you know whether your boyfriend truly loves you?

i cant

Will a man come back if he truly loves you?



Yes she will because she truly loves him.

What is the meaning if a boy trusts a girl?

That he truly loves her.

How do I know that a man truly loves me?

if he calls you everyday and belive in that guy and if he kisses you alot he loves you

Can a sociopath ever feel that someone loves them?

Sociopaths have no capacity to love, or to feel empathy for others. It is extremely unlikely, therefore, that they can ever truly recognize, accept and appreciate love from another person. To a sociopath, a person who loves them is simply that much easier to manipulate and control.

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