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You should read you existing policy. Most allow 30 days.

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Q: When a new car is purchased how long is it covered under an existing policy without being added to the policy?
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How do you sue your title insurance company for not finding a cloud on your title?

You file a claim with the title agency as to the disbute. Remember, only pre-existing conditions up to the date you purchased the property would be covered and you need to check your Owner's Policy to see if the issue you are concerned about was covered or excepted from coverage on your Policy before you file a claim. If the "cloud" is something that came about AFTER you purchased the property, it would not be covered.

Are you covered when driving a newly purchased used car with a 10 day temporary permit?

Assuming that you had an insurance policy in place on your previous vehicle and that policy is still valid then you usally have a specified period of time to get that vehicle added to the policy. If your current policy included Comprehensive and Collision coverage's then they should extend to the newly purchased vehicle as well. If the old policy didn't have those coverage's and you need them for the newly purchased vehicle then I wouldn't wait to add it to your existing policy as you may not have the coverage that you need.

What is Promotion Policy?

It is a company's policy to promote: whether from within or without the roster of existing employees.

In a health insurance policy a statement that an applicant won't be covered for a certain pre-existing condition is called?


Does dp homeowner policy covers acv or RC?

A homeowners Dwelling Policy (DP) can be purchased with or without replacement cost valuation. It just depends on what coverage you purchased when you bought your policy.

Does home owners cover your barn?

It might, it just depends on the type and scope of coverage you purchased. There is no way for us to answer without knowing what type of policy you bought. Homeowners Policy? Farm and Ranch Policy? You will need to contact your insurance company and ask them if your barn is a covered structure under the terms of your policy.

Will homeowners insurance cover foundation problems due to a drought?

No, movement of earth or soil is not covered under a homeowners policy just as an earthquake is not covered under a normal policy unless you purchased the additional coverage.

Will your insurance pay if a non-licensed driver was driving a vehicle under your policy and was involved in an accident?

It basically just depend son your insurance policy. If you have standard policy and the driver was not excluded then you likely have coverage, if you purchased a more economical but limited policy, (AKA Named Driver policy) then it may not be covered. Best advise is to simply contact your insurer to ask if the non-licensed driver will be covered or not.

Are costs to remove fallen trees covered on homeowners policy?

It depends on what kind of policy you purchased, Some will provide coverage for debris removal while others do not. Contact your insurance agent to determine what scope of coverage you purchased.

Will your current CA Insurance cover a non registered new car you have owned for two weeks if you get in an accident?

If you have an existing auto insurance policy, the new vehicle will be covered if it is added to the existing policy within 15 days of the purchase of the new vehicle.

Uninsured licensed driver uses my insured car. has an accident are they covered?

It is important to understand the insurance policy that is purchased on a drivers car. The only way that an uninsured driver is covered in an insured car is id the owner of the car has that in their policy.

Get into an accident without a license will your insurance cover it?

If you are covered by an "Active" auto insurance policy then you will be covered, whether or not you have an active drivers license.

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