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A permanent resident will be able to apply for citizenship after 5 years of living in the US. Getting married usually helps with citizenship for people that do not have permanent resident status. After getting married there still is a wait period of about 5 years. In the case of the a permanent resident there is not much that will change. If one has a driver's license, SSN, etc. The only difference will be applying for the actual citizenship at the end of the wait period. For more information on applying for citizenship see the INS website -

Not 5 years. After you get a green card you have to continue living in the U.S for at least 7 years, after that you can aply for a American citizenship.


Actually, what really helps you to be married to a US Citizen is that instead of th 5 years of continuous residency in USA that the law request after becoming a Permanent Resident, is reduced to 3 of marriage with the same US Citizen, which is more helpful for people that entered USA with a Visa, marriege to a US Citizen and after those 3 years, he can become a US Citizen and that's the Law.

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Q: When a permanent resident with a valid green card marries a U.S. citizen what is the process for them to become a citizen?
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If you are a Russian citizen marrying a Canadian citizen how long will it take to be a permanent resident?

Once a person from another nation marries a Canadian citizen, he or she becomes a permanent resident. The process takes approximately 50 days for the paperwork.

If a permanent resident marries a US citizen can he still be deported?

Yes, all persons who are not "natural born" US citizens are subject to deportation when it applies. Even naturalized citizens can be deported, although the process differs depending upon the amount of time the person has held permanent resident or citizenship status.

If a permanent green card marry a US citizen veteran do you automatic become us citizenship?

No, you do not.Marrying a US citizen never automatically makes you a citizen- however, it does speed up the process if you are trying to naturalize. Normally, a legal resident has to wait 5 years before they can apply for US citizenship; if a legal resident marries a US citizen, this is shortened to 3 years.

What is the process of renewing an expired alien resident card if you are a permanent resident married to a US citizen?

Answer: If you have been married for 3 yrs or more than you can choose to renew your permanent resident card or file for citizenship. If you choose to renew your card, its the same process as any other permanent resident would have to go through.

Does marriage make you a US citizen?

No. You first have to go thru the permanent resident 'green card' process. Then you have to go thru the citizenship process.

US citizen marries a non-citizen do they become a US citizen?

No, marriage to US citizen does not automatically allow a non-citizen to become a permanent resident or citizen of the US.Marriage does entitle the non-citizen to apply for US permanent residency, provided they can show they will be living in the US. For example, if a US citizen married a German citizen, and they continue to live in Germany, the german citizen cannot apply for a US permanent resident visa. If, at some time later, the couple decide to move back to the US, the German citizen can at that time apply for a permanent residency visa. Such marriage-based permanent resident visas are almost always granted once the couple shows proper residency intent (and, shows that the marriage is not a sham or fraud one).Any non-citizen holding a US permanent residency visa can apply for US citizenship via the nationalization process. The key requirements of the citizenship process are:Be a permanent resident for at least 5 years (or 3 if married to a US citizen)Reside continuously (except for short-duration excursions) in the US for that period of timeHave a clean criminal record, or obtain a specific waiver from an immigration judgeAttend proper citizenship classes

If you are a permanent resident and have been married to an American citizen since 1998 are you considered an American citizen?

No, You can only become a citizen if you apply for you citizenship through immigration. Being a legal resident and married to an American citizen can and will not change your immigrant statics unless you go through the right process.

If you marry a us veteran does that make you a us citizen?

No, it does not.Marrying a US citizen never automatically makes you a citizen- however, it does speed up the process if you are trying to naturalize. Normally, a legal resident has to wait 5 years before they can apply for US citizenship; if a legal resident marries a US citizen, this is shortened to 3 years.

Naturalization is a process by which?

It is a process by which you get the status of a US citizen. For this you need to first become a Legal permanent resident and satisfy a list of eligibility criteria. Form N-400 is the USCIS form that has to be used for the naturalization process.

When a permanent resident with a valid green card marries a girl who is on a student visa what is the process for her to become a legal U.S. resident?

From what i understand the U.S. legal resident would first have to become a naturalized citizen and then he could begin the petition of asking for his wife. I do not believe that a person w/ a green card, even if valid, can ask for an immigrant. Actually, a permanent resident can file a petition for his or her spouse, but from what INS told me, it takes 2-3 years at best to get the petition approved. However, if the permanent resident became a naturalized citizen first, it would only take 6 months or so to get the same paperwork approved. >>short answer>>> get you citizenship first, then petition for her,.. it's faster>>

What happens if a person gets a divorce before becoming a US citizen?

I was told the marriage was void.A dissolution of marriage does not interfere with the process of becoming a citizen or being granted permanent resident status. The reason being is that marrying a U.S. citizen does not automatically give someone citizenship or permanent resident status. USCIS procedures still take precedence and should be followed accordingly.

What was the process of becoming an American citizen?

In order to become an American citizen, a person should first become 18 yrs old. Next is becoming a legal permanent resident - getting a green card. He/ she has to then maintain the required continuous residency status and permanent residency status. Becoming a US citizen is not a one-day process but a lengthy one.

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