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From what i understand the U.S. legal resident would first have to become a naturalized citizen and then he could begin the petition of asking for his wife. I do not believe that a person w/ a green card, even if valid, can ask for an immigrant. Actually, a permanent resident can file a petition for his or her spouse, but from what INS told me, it takes 2-3 years at best to get the petition approved. However, if the permanent resident became a naturalized citizen first, it would only take 6 months or so to get the same paperwork approved. >>short answer>>> get you citizenship first, then petition for her,.. it's faster>>

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Q: When a permanent resident with a valid green card marries a girl who is on a student visa what is the process for her to become a legal U.S. resident?
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Is a permanent resident who want to study in the us considered as an international student?

No, if you are a permanent resident in the US, you are treated like an American citizen in terms of colleges and universities.

If you are a student in AUSTRALIA can your permanent resident brother sponsor you to get pr in AUSTRALIA?


Is a permanent resident eligible for student loans?

Yes I work at the financial aid office a college. If you are a permanent resident you can apply for the FAFSA and you get get loans and scholarships through that. It is a free application. Don't be fooled by fake web sites.

When an international student marries a US citizen what forms or documents do the US citizen have to fill out?

I-130 and I-148 to change to permanent residency and status

What is a resident student?

A student that is a student.

Can a student with a student visa get married in the US?

sure you can, and then you get to stay here as well. Yes, but marriage does not automatically confer permanent resident status or citizenship to the foreign spouse.

Can a UK resident co-sign for a student loan for a student who is a US citizen going to school in the US?

the answer is NO, to cosign a loan you have to be a US citizen or Permanent Resident. in most cases applicant must have SSN and be a PR in the united stated to cosign

Can someone with a student visa marry a legal alien resident and become a resident?

Yes they can. However it takes about 5 years to do so. During this period the person with the student visa has to either maintain a student visa and stay in school or adjust their visa if graduating for example. Usually sometime during this 5 year period the resident alien becomes a citizen and at that time the spouse holding the student visa can adjust to a permanent resident.

How long must a legal alien live in the US before becoming a US citizen?

A legal alien has to be a permanent resident for at least 5 years before becoming a US citizen. However, it may take a long time before the alien become a permanent resident. For example, an alien could be on a student visa for 10 years before becoming a permanent resident. They would then have to wait another 5 years before becoming a US citizen.

Can a refugee student in Canada apply for Canadian citizenship?

A refugee claimant cannot. A convention refugee , once he/she is a permanent resident and hes calculated that they meet the residencyt requirment, then yes.

Do you need a social security number?

Referring to the application process of colleges and universities, typically you do not need a social security number. For individuals who do not have one, the institution will generate a student identification number. However, if you are a permanent resident or US citizen and wish to apply for financial aid assistance, you will have a problem.

A student resides in California and attending school in Nebraska must they change the plates?

If the student continues to maintain his residence in CA (presumably his parent's home) and takes no action to become a permanent resident of NE, he may keep his CA license plates. However, if the the student takes action to establish himself as a resident of NE (buys property, pays taxes, etc) he may be considered a legitimate NE resident and required to register his car in his new state of residence.

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