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Out of the 16 possible outcomes for a coin tossed four times, 4 of them result in 3 Tails & 1 Head. They are: TTTH, TTHT, THTT, and HTTT.


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The odds that a tossed coin will land tails side down remain one in two no matter how many times the coin has previously been tossed.

There are 8 possible outcomes when a coin is tossed 3 times. Here they are:1. Heads, Heads, Tails.2. Heads, Tails, Heads.3. Tails, Heads, Heads.4. Heads, Heads, Heads.5. Tails, Tails, Heads.6. Tails, Heads, Tails.7. Heads, Tails, Tails.8. Tails, Tails, Tails.There is only one outcome that is heads, heads, heads, so the probability of three heads coming up in three coin tosses is 1 in 8 or 0.125 for that probability.

There are 23 possible outcomes this is found by there being 2 possibilities ( head or tails) that is done three times, that is 2X2X2= 8 possible combinations for the outcome. This is if order matters, that is h h t is different to t h h

There are 4 events: 3 heads, 2 heads 1 tail, 1 head 2 tails, and 3 tails.

One and three-quarter hours exactly.

Since a coin has two sides and it was tossed 5 times, there are 32 possible combinations of results. The probability of getting heads three times in 5 tries is 10/32. This is 5/16.

3/8, or 37.5%There are eight possible sequences that can emerge from three coin tosses. Three have heads twice and tails once. Three have the opposite, two tails and one heads. The remaining possibilities are all heads or all tails.H H TH T HT H HT T HT H TH T TH H HT T T

In three tosses there can be four possible outcomes: three heads, three tails, two heads and one tail, and one head and two tails. ^^^That is wrongA coin is tossed N times. There are 2 possibilities when you toss a coin: heads and tails.So the formula is 2^N (thats to the N power)A coin tossed 3 times has 2^3=8 possible outcomes:head head headhead head tailhead tail headtail head headtail tail headhead tail tailtail head tailtail tail tailThere they are!

The probability of the coin coming up heads each time is 1/8; likewise for 3 tails. The probability of getting 2 heads and 1 tail (in any order) or 2 tails and 1 head, is 3/8. There are lots of other events whose probability can be calculated when a coin is tossed 3 times, but the question doesn't specify what event is to have its probability calculated.

well it depends on what you are tossing, if its a coin then no. it can be heads too. it would have to be a great coincidence for it to be all tails, but thats why the word probability comes in meaning that there is more than one outcome

three heads two head, one tails one heads, two tails three tails

3 1/4, three and a quarter

Quarter to Three was created in 1961-05.

what is the time quarter to three in the afternoon

Assuming we want two tails exactly, the possible options to get them are: TTH, THT and HTT. They are three choices out of the eight available, which is a probability of 3/8, 0.375 or 37.5%.

Since the probability of getting tails is 50% or 0.5, the probability of three tails would be 0.5*0.5*0.5=0.125 or 12.5 %

The probability to get heads once is 1/2 as the coin is fair The probability to get heads twice is 1/2x1/2 The probability to get heads three times is 1/2x1/2x1/2 The probability to get tails once is 1/2 The probability to get tails 5 times is (1/2)5 So the probability to get 3 heads when the coin is tossed 8 times is (1/2)3(1/2)5=(1/2)8 = 1/256 If you read carefully you'll understand that 3 heads and 5 tails has the same probability than any other outcome = 1/256 As the coin is fair, each side has the same probability to appear So the probability to get 3 heads and 5 tails is the same as getting for instance 8 heads or 8 tails or 1 tails and 7 heads, and so on

The probability of flipping three tails with three coins is (1 in 2)3 or 1 in 8 or 0.125.

A quarter of twelve is... three !

No, a phospholipid has two fatty acids tails. Triglycerides, tri meaning three, has three fatty acid tails.

three tenths is more than a quarter

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