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What happens when a sperm and egg combine is that a woman gets pregnant.

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What is made from sperm?

Sperm and egg combine to form zygote .

What cell is created when the sperm enters the egg?

A zygote (the combination of a cell and sperm) is the name of the cell that forms when the sperm and egg combine.

How do cells combine to have a baby?

because the egg and sperm cell combine to reproduce:

What the process of egg cell and sperm cell?

The process when an egg cell and a sperm cell COMBINE is called Fertilization

What is it when a sperm and egg combine?

Fertilization , this organization is called a zygote.

What is the answer of fertilization?

the sperm cell and egg cell combine in a procees

How does a fertilization takes place in human being?

the sperm cell unites with the egg and the egg and sperm cell combine and become a human being

What is mean by zygote?

A cell that is formed when an egg and a sperm combine (fertilization).

What kind of cell is formed when chromosomes from a sperm call and an egg cell combine?

A diploid cell called a zygote is formed with a sperm and egg fuse.

What are the steps of external fertilization?

sperm cells are released the sperm swim to the eggs sperm cell and egg combine a zygote forms

When gametes combine what will not happen?

More than one sperm will not enter the egg.

What happen doing fertilization?

If your question is what happens during fertilization? the answer varies. If your are speaking about sexual reproduction then fertilization occurs when the sperm and egg combine. Basically the first sperm to get to the egg keeps it. The egg hardens to keep excess sperm from entering. (of course some errors can occur which will lead to defects, twins, triplets, etc.) There are many other phases to the reproduction process but fertilization is basically when the egg and sperm combine.

When an egg and sperm combine how many chromosomes are there?

46. 23 from your mom and 23 from your dad.

Why does a woman ovulate?

It is part if the reproductive cycle, and it is in this part of the cycle in which sperm and egg can combine to make a zygote or fertilized egg.

How many chromosones do egg and sperm have?

Most cells in the body have 46 chromosomes, but the egg and sperm have 23 each, that way when they combine, the new cell will have the full complement of 46.

What is the union of the sperm cells and the egg cells called?

The union of the sperm and egg cell is caller fertilizationUnion of the egg and sperm cells is called fertilization. The egg then plants itself on the uterin wall. The two sets of DNA combine, then start replicating and dividing to make a baby.

Does a child have the same characteristics as its parent because the sperm and egg nuclei carry?

(You need to make your question fully but I hope I know what your talking about) A child has like characteristics to its parents because the nucleus (or nuclei I guess) of both the sperm and egg combine sharing both their characteristics. They can combine because the sperm and egg both only have half a set of chromosomes.

When an egg and sperm combine?

It's called, fertilization... I'm pretty sure its spelled correctly.

What role does genes play in life science?

there are 23 chromosomes in an egg and sperm cell these then combine

What 2 cells create someone?

A sperm and an ovum (egg) are the two cells that combine to create a person. Fertilization is when these two cells combine.

How does albino mutation occur?

it occurs when the sperm cell and the egg cell combine they one might be albino

What is a spearm?

Well females have eggs and males have sperm. And when the 2 meet in the females body during intercourse the sperm and egg combine to make a baby.

Are the cells involved in fertilization diploid or haploid?

Sperm and Egg cells are haploid. They combine to form diploid cells.

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