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The starting pitcher is "off the hook" for the loss when his team scores a third run (4-3). The reliever would then be slated for the decision.

2006-11-07 05:39:23
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Q: When a starting pitcher is ahead 2-1 is relieved after giving up 2 hits the reliever gave up a homer 2 more runs are charged to the starter score is 4-2 When is the starter off the hook for loss?
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If the starting pitcher is relieved in the 3rd inning and his team is ahead at that time who gets the win the starting pitcher or the reliever?

I dont want to be mean but, THE RELIEVING PITCHER!!!!

How do you spell reliever?

That is the correct spelling of "reliever" (one who relieves, specifically a pitcher in baseball).

Does a pitcher have to be a starter to be reinserted on the mound?

In most rules, once a pitcher is removed as pitcher, he may not return to the position of pitchers. Only certain leagues have by-laws that would allow this for a starting pitcher, let alone a reliever.

Who was the starting pitcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1951 pennant game?

Don Newcombe was the starting pitcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1951 pennant game against the NY Giants. Newcombe was relieved by Ralph Branca.

After pitcher been relieved how long is the wait to pitch again?

For starting pitchers in MLB, that would be 4 games. Most MLB teams use a starting rotation of 5 pitchers. Each starting pitcher waits/rests arm while the other four take their turn. So, a starting pitcher in MLB would start every 1 in 5 games.

When calculating a pitcher's ERA and the pitcher is relieved before the inning is over do you credit a full inning pitched for the ERA stat or how do you divide the inning up?

The pitcher is credited with a fraction that represents how many outs there were in the inning when they are relieved. If the pitcher is relieved is one out, they are credited woth 1/3 (one-third) of an inning. If the pitcher is relieved with two outs, they are credited with 2/3 (two-thirds) of an inning. A pitcher who starts the game and is relieved with one out in the seventh inning is credited with 6 1/3 innings pitched ... if relieved with two outs in the seventh inning is credited with 6 2/3 innings pitched. ... if relieved with no outs in the seventh inning is credited with 6 innings pitched.

How do you spell releiver?

The correct spelling is reliever (replacement baseball pitcher).

If a starting pitcher throws 3 innings in a seven inning game and no reliever throws more than 3 innings who gets the win?

The winning pitcher is determined by the official scorer, if the starting pitcher's team is in the lead and never gives up the lead for the remainder of the game. If not, the winning pitcher is the pitcher of record when his team takes and keeps the lead. To be the "winning pitcher", the starting pitcher must pitch five complete innings in a game that is scheduled for six or more innings.

If 5 different basball pitchers who gets the win?

That depends on the circumstance. If the starting pitcher doesn't make it through 5 innings but his team is leading then it's up to the official scorer to determine which reliever deserves the win by how well he pitched in the game - in most cases whichever reliever comes in first will be awarded the win. However if a starting pitcher pitches through 5 innings and the team holds on to the lead then he'll be awarded the win.

Who was the first pitcher to win a Cy Young Award as a reliever?

Don Newcombe (1956)

Is Sandy Koufax a relief pitcher or a starting pitcher?

Koufax was primarily a starter, starting 314 of the 397 MLB games he appeared in. In his final 5 seasons when he was absolutely dominant (111-34 record with a 1.95 ERA) he relieved in 5 of the 181 games he appeared in, picking up 4 saves.

Who is pittsburgh pirates 2011 ace pitcher?

Kevin Corriea as a starter, Joel Hanrahan as a reliever

Who was the pitcher when Willie Mays made the catch?

New York Giants reliever Don Liddle.

Most wins in a career by a relief pitcher?

Hoyt Wilhelm won 124 games while as a relief pitcher, the most for any MLB reliever.

If your team goes ahead in the top of the inning and a new pitcher goes in in the bottom of the inning - which pitcher gets the win - the starting pitcher or the 2nd pitcher?

The pitcher who got the last out in the previous bottom of that inning. In other word, that pitcher can be credited with the win by making only one pitch. If I'm called in as a reliever and get a ground out to end the inning and then my team goes ahead in the top of the next inning, I would be the winning pitcher. Even if i only threw one pitch.

Can a pitcher be relieved at any time during a game?

A pitcher must pitch to one batter before he can be relieved. The only exception to this would be if the pitcher suffered an injury during warmups or while pitching to the first batter he faced. In that case, should the umpire deem the injury serious enough to warrent immediate medical attention, a new pitcher may be brought in.

What is the best rangers player?

as of 8-23-10 The best fielder/batter s Josh Hamilton Nickname Ham Bone The best Starting Pitcher is Tommy Hunter The best reliever is obviously Neftali Feliz

What determines the winning pitcher in a MLB game?

In almost all cases, the starting pitcher has to last at least five innings and his team must a) be in the lead before a reliever throws a pitch, and b) maintain the lead for the rest of the game. For a reliever to get a win, it's the same minus the five-inning provision. Losses are different, since that is based on the runs for which the pitcher is "responsible" -- ones that reached base against him while he was in the game. As for the save, the pitcher must finish a game that the team wins and meet conditions, most pertaining to how close the margin is when he enters the game, outlined in the rule.

What is Another word for pitcher in the US?

Baseball pitcher - depending on when they enter the game - can be referred to as Long Reliever, Setup man, Closer. A pitcher can also be referred to as a Left-handed specialist if he is put in the game for that reason.

Who was the last pitcher in a world series to not bat 9th?

I presume you mean a STARTING pitcher, listed as such on the initial lineup. When a reliever comes in, it's not unusual for the manager to remove a fielder and place the pitcher in the batting order such that he would be the ninth batter the next time his team comes to bat -- meaning the reliever might be anywhere from first to ninth. Even during the regular season, and even when a pitcher is a very good hitter (Don Newcombe hit .359 in 1955, and was used as a pinch hitter 23 times), placing the starting pitcher anywhere but ninth in the initial batting order is EXTREMELY rare (other than Tony LaRussa). The only recorded time this happened in a World Series was Game 4 of the 1918 Series. No surprise -- Babe Ruth was the pitcher, and he batted sixth.

What is considered a complete game pitched in baseball?

It's pretty simple really - a pitcher is credited with a complete game if he is the only pitcher for his team in an official game. There is some argument as to whether a pitcher would be credited with a complete game if say, the starting pitcher didn't get any outs, then a reliever came in and finished the game. He got all the outs in the game - so did he get a complete game? Semantics, semantics...

If a pitching change is made during an at-bat and the batter gets on base and later scores which pitcher is charged with the earned run?

If the batter got on base with the original pitcher and he scores of the new pitcher, the previous pitcher is charged with the earned run.

Who was the long relief pitcher for the New York Yankees in 2009?

When Sergio Mitre was not starting, he would come in to the game as the long reliever, as would Chad Gaudin. Alfredo Aceves was called on the most for long relief duties in 2009.

What position did Satchel Paige play?

Satchel Paige played pitcher. He was mostly a starter but also played reliever and closer

Does a relief pitcher who allows inherited runners to score receive a blown save?

No, not unless the relief pitcher relinquishes his teams lead. Relief pitchers often enter games with runners on base. On occasion, some of those runners score. Those inherited runners scoring are charged to the prior pitcher(s) who allowed them to get on base. If the reliever holds the lead, even if some runners score, the reliever gets a save if he finishes the game. Oddly, a reliever can enter the game with a lead, with inherited runners on base, relinquish the lead (the other team ties the game or takes a lead), get a blown save and then win the game. If he relinquishes the lead and then in the other half of the inning or the next inning his team regains the lead or wins and he is the pitcher of record, he gets both a blown save and a victory. Rewarding ineptitude......