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When a stop sign if there is no white line where do you stop?


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2012-07-29 18:07:38
2012-07-29 18:07:38

Well you would simply stop before the sign, meaning that there is an imaginary stop-line that extends from any stop sign, and you must stop before you cross that line.


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you stop at the white line instead of the stop sign, the stop sign would be to far

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At the white line or the nearest line of the crosswalk. If there is no line, then at an imaginary stop-line extending out from the stop sign. You may ALSO need to stop at a point further ahead, where you can safely determine if it is safe to proceed. You obviously have to stop behind anyone ELSE who has stopped for the stop sign, then stop again when you reach the stop-line yourself.

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you must stop behind the first white line painted on the ground next to the stop sign

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Standard sized stop signs are 30" long with a 3/4" white line around the edge. The letters of the stop sign are all 10" tall.

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If there is no white line, you must stop before the stop sign, not past it. In some cases, it is okay to edge slowly forward so you are able to look left and right to make sure there is no traffic. If at a 3, 4 or all-way stop sign, stop before the stop sign and if there is no other cars at the other stop signs, you may continue on. Whoever stops first at a 3, 4 or all-way stop has the right away to go first, but many people don't follow that now.

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