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When an acid reacts with an alkali, it forms a salt along with water. For example, when hydrochloric acid reacts with sodium hyroxide(an alkali), it forms sodium chloride(common table salt) & water.

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when acid reacts with a alkali we get a salt and water

What happens is that first if you put an acid indicator and a sulphuric acid it will turn red but if you add another solution it will turn a different colour. and if you add acid and alkali together then it will turn into salt and H2O xxx

When an acid reacts with an alkali (or vice versa) it is called neutralisation.

they neutralize each other depending on the level of both!! and water and a salt is made.

when an acid reacts to an alkali the products are a salt and water

A chemical reaction. . Acid + alkali = salt + water . eg H 2 SO 4 + 2NaOH = Na 2 SO 4 + 2H 2 O

Total mass remains the same according to the law of conservation of mass.

Basically, it is where an acid (red) reacts with an alkali (blue) to create a neutral (green)

Depends on the acid and alkali. But in most cases Hydrogen or Carbon Dioxide.

It is commonly called 'neutralisation' and the resultant chemical compounds are 'a salt' and 'water'.

It will neutralise the alkali and then turn the liquid to an acid.

yes, for example lets say the acid is + and the alkali is -.they cancel each other out resulting to neutralisation.

Sodium belongs to the first period of the periodic table. Thus, sodium is an alkali metal. Alkali metals such as sodium, potassium have a characteristic property. When they react with an acid, it occurs with the evolution of hydrogen gas.

Alkali metals react with halogens to form salts.

when an acid reacts with an alkali(soluble base) salt and water are formed equation:- NaOH+HCL----->NaCL+h2O

when alkali which can also be called a base reacts with an acid, a salt is usually form plus water. it is called a neutralization reaction.

it becomes neutral if u add the same amount of acid + alkali

Stomach acid oviasly cantains acid so when acid and alkali are mixed neutralasation happens.

The active particles in alkali are calls are positively charged hydrogen ions. When an alkali reacts with an acid, it produces a salt and a water.

strong acid strong base reaction or simply acid base reaction

Acid reacts with base to give water and respected salt only.

If sulphuric acid reacts with iron iron sulphate is formed. FeSO4

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