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where one toilet is draining to its own unshared line, the line can be 3" but once both toilets are draining to the same line, it needs to be 4". in other words, from the first toilet to the second toilet can be 3" but past the second toilet needs to be 4". there needs to be a vent downstream of the second toilet in the direction of flow if there is another fixture of any kind downstream of the two toilets.

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Q: When adding another toilet 6 feet from an existing toilet do you need a new vent and would 3-inch pipe be sufficient?
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Can I place a shower where a toilet currently is and visa versa and are waste sizes the same and if so can I connect new stack to existing in attic?

The toilet is 3 or 4 inch and the shower is 1 1/2 or 2 inch. You could reduce the toilet to 2 inch, but it would never flush correctly or be of much use. The current toilet drain has no trap in that section because one isn't needed. The toilet itself is the trap. If you are using existing waste lines, they should already be connected to the vent stack. If you are adding lines, connecting to the existing stack is fine as long as it is above the last drain.

Why when flushing one toilet another toilet gurgle and bubbles?

Mainline stoppage.

Why when flushing one toilet another toilet flushes?

Check the vent pipe

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How do you add a second toilet to an existing drain?

All you have to do is add a "Y" pipe or Call a plumber

Can you put a shower on an existing toilet drain?

If you reduce the soil connection to 2" and install a trap

Do I need permits to install another toilet?

Yes, you would indeed need a permit to install another toilet. They are easy to get.

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You need at least a 3 in. pipe -- shower is 2 in. pipe

What is the standard distance from the center of a toilet bowl to another bowl in a public toilet installed with a multiple toilet bowl?

30 inches.

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