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where one toilet is draining to its own unshared line, the line can be 3" but once both toilets are draining to the same line, it needs to be 4". in other words, from the first toilet to the second toilet can be 3" but past the second toilet needs to be 4". there needs to be a vent downstream of the second toilet in the direction of flow if there is another fixture of any kind downstream of the two toilets.

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Can you put a toilet in an existing cellar?


Can I place a shower where a toilet currently is and visa versa and are waste sizes the same and if so can I connect new stack to existing in attic?

The toilet is 3 or 4 inch and the shower is 1 1/2 or 2 inch. You could reduce the toilet to 2 inch, but it would never flush correctly or be of much use. The current toilet drain has no trap in that section because one isn't needed. The toilet itself is the trap. If you are using existing waste lines, they should already be connected to the vent stack. If you are adding lines, connecting to the existing stack is fine as long as it is above the last drain.

Why when flushing one toilet another toilet flushes?

Check the vent pipe

Why when flushing one toilet another toilet gurgle and bubbles?

Mainline stoppage.

Do I need permits to install another toilet?

Yes, you would indeed need a permit to install another toilet. They are easy to get.

Can you put a shower on an existing toilet drain?

If you reduce the soil connection to 2" and install a trap

How do you add a second toilet to an existing drain?

All you have to do is add a "Y" pipe or Call a plumber

What is another word for lavatory?


What is another name for toilet?


What is patwa?

Patwa is another word for toilet

What is the standard distance from the center of a toilet bowl to another bowl in a public toilet installed with a multiple toilet bowl?

30 inches.

Can I use non chlorine bleach for toilet stain?

Yes, this does work rather well, however, you need to ensure that the water is very hot before adding oxyclean to the toilet. I generally pre-warm the toilet bowl slowly by adding several buckets of hot water to the bowl over about a 15 minute time period.

Can you change a basement toilet line into a floor drain?

Yes... is the short answer. The toilet has a trap in itself. You would have to be able to break out the floor and put a P trap in the existing line

Can you install a toilet on an existing shower drain?

You need at least a 3 in. pipe -- shower is 2 in. pipe

Is a 28inch wide toilet cubicle sufficient in the UK?

Would be a tight squeeze but it should be sufficient, the standard cubicle width is 900mm but that's only 189mm larger, shouldn't be a problem

Is john another word for toilet?


How do you change an old toilet to a close coupled toilet?

You replace the toilet as a whole item. You cannot take a tank from one type and put it on another.

What will prevent gelatin from thickening?

By baking it in the oven, then boiling it, finally by adding toilet water. Toilet water texture and chemicals helps it to preventing thickness. Finally just spitting on it and selling it.

What is another word for toilet?

loo, bog, crapper

What is another word for loo?

Bathroom, restroom, toilet.

What is another word for toilet that begins with a c?


Is the Kaboom Scrub Free Continuous Toilet Cleaning System scented or unscented?

The Kaboom cleaning system is unscented, and sits between your toilet and the water supply, adding chemicals to reduce buildup.

Does anyone manufacture a toilet that is 18 inches high without the toilet seat?

You may also consider a "ADA Toilet Spacer" which will give you the flexibility to use your existing equipment, but there are several companies that offer you a new toilet, if you wish. The major companies... i.e. Kohler, American Standard, Crane, Acorn etc. all have 18".

Can you put a tub on an existing toilet drain?

There may not be a trap in the line on the toilet drain. The stool acts as the trap keeping sewer gas from coming up. If there is access to the drain from below then a trap could be installed.

What is metaphor for vacuole?

A metaphor for vacuole would be a toilet because it stores "food", waste, another materials such as toilet paper.