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when you add a phosphate group it requires energy

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Q: When adding or taking away a phosphate group when is energy released and required?
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How does the ATP molecule release energy?

By adding or breaking off a phosphate.

What energy is released from ATP when?


When is energy released in ATP when?

Energy is released when phosphate group is removed.

How is energy released from ATP stored in cells?

ATP energy is stored in its 3 phosphate bonds. When the 3rd phosphate bond is broken, the energy is released. Then it only has 2 phosphate bonds.

How does the cell use ATP for storage?

When the cell reactions add another phosphate to ADP, making it ATP, that third bond is highly unstable. This means that phosphate bond stores a lot of chemical energy. When the phosphate is released, that energy can be used to power reactions. Adding that third phosphate requires energy, and when that energy is put into that new ATP molecule, that energy can be saved for later.

When is energy stored in ATP released?

Energy is released when phosphate group is removed.

Energy released from ATP when what is removed?


When is the energy stored in ATP released?

The energy stored in ATP can be released by breaking the bond between the second and third phosphate groups. Therefore, the energy is released when a phosphate group is removed.

What about the energy of biochemical reactions is true?

ATP stores chemical energy in its phosphate bonds. Energy is released when the phosphate bond is broken.

What is released when a ATP looses a phosphate?

ATP (adinine triphosphate) loses a phosphate group to become ADP (adinine diphosphate). The phosphate group was released is referred to as inorganic phosphate. There is also a release of energy as the high energy phosphate bonds are cleaved.

When is energy released from ATP?

when a phosphate group is removed

What bond is broken when energy is released from ATP?


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