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When air pressure increases, the Mercury in a barometer rises.

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What happens to the height of the mercury column in a barometer when air pressure decreases?

When the Air Pressure Decreases, a Mercury Barometer Will Drop, as will any barometer.

An increase in air pressure will cause the mercury in a barometer to?

When you increase air pressure the mercury in a barometer will rise. Conversely when air pressure decreases the mercury in a barometer will drop.

When atmospheric pressure decreases the mercury height in a barometer?


When air pressure decreases the mercury in a barometer .?

The mercury rises. The lower atmospheric pressure allows the mercury to drop in level.

As air pressure increases does the height of a column of mercury in a barometer increase?

yes it increases

When air pressuer increases what does the mercury in the barometer do?

Air is "pushed" into the open end of a barometer when the pressure is higher, meaning the mercury closer to the closed end of the barometer - where the pressure is measured - will rise.

How does high pressure area affect a mercury barometer?

High pressure may be an indication for good weather.

What are the uses of a Mercury barometer?

A Mercury barometer is used to measure atmospheric pressure.

How are a mercury barometer and an aneroid barometer alike?

A Mercury Barometer and an Aneroid Barometer are alike because they both messure air pressure. They are different because and aneroid barometer does NOT use mercury, and of course a Mercury Barometer does use mercury.

What measures a barometer with Mercury?

Maybe you mean what does a mercury barometer measure. In which case the answer is atmospheric pressure.

Does a mercury barometer or aneroid barometer measure air pressure?

Yes, both devices measure air pressure. The difference is the mercury barometer is filled with a liquid which could spill (and mercury is toxic) while the aneroid barometer contains no liquid.

What is a mercury filled glass tube that measures air pressure?

This is called a barometer.barometerBarometer

What is the difference between how a mercury barometer and an aneroid barometer measure air pressure?

mercury barometer measures using mercury,while aneroid barometer measures using system of metals and string

What a barometer with Mercury?

barometers with mercury measure air pressure. when the air pressure is high the mercury rises

What is a mercury barometer?

A mercury barometer is a device that measures air pressure. The key component that distinguishes it from other barometers is the metal mercury.

Describe the difference between a mercury and an aneroid barometer?

An aneroid barometer is an instrument that measures air pressure without using liquid. A mercury barometer is an instrument used to measure air pressure using liquid mercury.

Why does Mercury stay in the barometer?

A barometer is a closed-system vacuum that allows the mercury to expand with changes in temperature and pressure.

What was the Mercury barometer used for?

The mercury barometer is a tool used by meteorologists and other scientists to find the air, or "barometric" pressure. Because mercury is liquid at room temperature, it can change shape due to changes in the atmosphere. Earth's barometric pressure is characterized as the downward force of air on the surface of Earth. If mercury is placed in a tube and the level decreases by a huge increment, it would show an increase in barometric pressure. Mercury barometers can also be used to detect incoming storms as right before a storm, the air pressure decreases drastically.

What does a barometer measure in?

A barometer is used to measure air pressure. It measures the atmospheric pressure using air, mercury, or water and will be shown as inches of mercury or millibars.

Uses of mercury barometer?

Mercury barometer is used for measuring atmospheric pressure. Because atmospheric pressure changes with distance above or below sea level, a barometer can also be used to measure altitude.

What is a mercury barometer used for?

Mercury barometer is used for measuring atmospheric pressure. Because atmospheric pressure changes with distance above or below sea level, a barometer can also be used to measure altitude.

What do mercury barometer measure?

It measure the Atmospheric Pressure.

How can an aneroid barometer give reading in inches of mercury when it doesn't use any mercury?

Good question.Look at it like this if you had two barometers side by side, one a mercury barometer and the other a barometer that reacted to changes in air pressure using some bellows and a spring.Then, as the pressure changed you marked the second barometer positions and noted on the dial the inches reading from the mercury barometer, the second barometer measurement scale would mimic the real mercury barometer even though it did not actually use any mercury.

What unit of pressure is equal to 1 mm of mercury in a mercury barometer?


What makes mercury go up or down the tube?

That depends on the 'tube' involved. In a thermometer the mercury expands and contracts within a sealed tube as the temperature is raised or lowered. In a barometer there is a reservoir of mercury which the atmosphere presses on. This maintains the mercury in a column which is sealed at the top. Increases in atmospheric pressure push the mercury further up the tube, decreases let it drop down the tube.