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When I look after someone's pet if they are on vacation, I have them write out a note giving me the legal right to take their dog to a vet if needed, and also, I have the right to make choices in the case of emergency. I have them date and sign it. Accidents happen, so, no, usually you aren't responsible in most cases if the dog gets sick. If the dog/cat was run over by a car most people won't sue you, but you should offer to pay for the next pet they get just for your own conscience sake.

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Q: When an animal is in your care and is injured or dies are you liable and covered?
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How do you care for an injured possum?

It is unwise to attempt to care for an injured native animal yourself. Call a vet who can give you the number for the local wildlife rescue service in your area.

How do you care for an injured bird?

you take it to a animal shelter or a zoo or something like that

Are you liable if someone gets hurt on your property while helping you?

Maybe. It depends on how and why they were injured. You invited them on your property, so you owe them a high duty of care. If they were injured due to a faulty step or a hole in the ground that you should have repaired, you'd be liable. However, if they were injured due to their own negligence, you wouldn't be. For example, if I brought my own chain saw and my own beer onto your property and managed to cut myself while drunk, you probably wouldn't be liable.

In California Can a provider bill the health care insurer if a person is injured in an auto accident?

Yes. If the person has private insurance and is covered the bills go to the health care company to be paid.

The benefit of the RSPCA to the community?

To help sick, injured or unwanted animals. They really take care of the animals there. They only sell animals that are desexed. You can not buy an animal from the rspca that is not desexed. They don't just take care of the animals that is sick, injured and unwanted they also run a service that they take care of your animal if you are going on a trip and you or somebody close can not take care of it when you are away on hoildays. They provide a GREAT service.

Are you liable for your elderly mothers care?


What does Midway, Utah code # 6.18.090 mean in terms of animal control and animals at large?

Allowing vicious Animals to go At Large Any owner or keeper of a vicious animal, knowing its propensities, who willfully allows it to go at large or who keeps it without ordinary care, is strictly liable for a class B misdemeanor and is strictly liable for any damages or injury caused, if the animal while at large, or while not kept with ordinary care, causes injury to another animal, to any human being or to property.

What can one bring to local animal shelters?

A person can bring any lost or unwanted animals to an animal shelter or a person can adopt a range of pets. These pets may include, dogs, cats, rodents and various birds. Some animal shelters care for injured animals and will aid injured wildlife, such as birds and woodland animals.

How do you care for a injured crayfish?

Eat it.

Who is liable for damages that a thief causes?

The Thief is liable for the damages he causes. No one else. Take Care Insurance Plus

Does workman compensation cover tendenitis?

Workman's compensation is an insurance to cover costs of medical care and partial salary of an injured employee. If the tendinitis is a work related injury it will be covered.

do you care for endangered animals do you have an endangered animal .?

I do care but I do not have an endangered animal...

Is tubal reversal covered by Alberta health care?

Tubal reversal are NOT covered by Alberta health care.

What is the concept of Standard Of care that relates to health care professions?

It depends. Often health-care professionals, because of their expertise, the interpersonal risks they take, and the ethical duties imposed upon them by their profession, become liable for negligence only at a higher standard; that is they may only be liable for gross negligence or at least less liable for ordinary negligence.

How do you care for an injured cat?

depends on what the ingery is

What are the people called that take care of injured athletes?

Many different people may care for an injured athlete. These include doctors, nurses, athletic trainers, physical therapists, and EMTs.

How do you care for an injured butterfly?

It is hard to do much for an injured butterfly. The best way to care for one is to put it in a safe place where it can eat and drink but cannot be attacked by predators.

Where A large building where the sick and injured care for?


What are the responsabilities of a veterinarian?

the responsibilities of a veterinarian are to care for the sick or injured animal to the best of their abilities while keeping the other inexperianced vets from being injured by the distressed animal and to keep the owner informed of all the treatment options and the price that the treatment costs also if the the animals have little to no chance of recovery it is the veterinarians responsibility to let the owner know if the best thing for the animal would be humane euthination.

How did Clara Barton start taking care of the sick?

Clara began by taking care of sick and injured animals but when she was eleven her brother David became injured. She took care of him for three years, learning to give him all of his medicine.

What to do if you find an injured opossum?

Carefully pick it up by wrapping it in a blanket or towel. Hold it in a secure location that is dark and quiet. Call an experienced wildlife rehabilitator to take the animal for care.

How do you care for an injured grasshopper?

u kill it and put it out of it pain

How can take care of an injured muscle?

rest it and have a warm bath

What to do if a fledgling bird falls out of nest?

Try 2 take it welll if its a baby bird take it to a care center. If you can't then TRy to get worms and mush them up. if its injured u can let it take its course or take it to a care animal center. hopefully this helps. :)

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