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When an egg is fertile and drops down to the uterus can it cause cramps and back pain?

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It is not the implantation that causes these things, just that it occurs just before a period is due when you might have these symptoms anyway.

2005-12-30 08:04:36
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Q: When an egg is fertile and drops down to the uterus can it cause cramps and back pain?
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What are the symptoms of implantation bleeding?

The symptoms of implantation bleeding are implantation cramps: small cramps inside the uterus, implantation spotting or bleeding: short brief spotting (a couple of drops of light or dark blood), a second temperature shift on the temperature curve, and a temperature dip at about seven to ten days after ovulation.

Can you have no uterus but still have periods?

No. let me explain. see the ovaries are kind of with the uterus when an egg drops from the ovary into the uterus it is waiting to be fertilized by a sperm and whenever its not the lining inside the uterus denigrates and leaks out of the uterus and therefore its a period. hope i was any help.

What causes cramping before period?

Your uterus is contracting in order to remove the lining that formed in preparation for pregnancy. Your progestrone level drops and the uterus begins the contracting to bring on your period

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What is it mean when you are at the time when you should have your period but you don't but you do have cramps and feel bloated and just spotted couple of drops that's all?

The bleeding could be 2 things: 1. Simple pre-period spotting or 2. Implantation bleeding After your uterus releases the egg and it is fertilized by the sperm, the fertilized egg will implant itself into the uterine wall. Some women feel light cramps, have light 'spotting' and some have no symptoms at all. Good luck to you! :o)

I'm getting small cramps and a few drops of bleeding im still a virgin so you cant be pregnant and you have had your period for over 6 years now you don't know What is wrong?

Cramps are a normal part of having a period hun

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