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FYI: Regarding the answer below - Teresa Saldana was attacked by an obsessed stalker, not by her boyfriend. Please don't take this guy back unless his discussion involves seeking out some help for himself. When you meet with him HAVE SOME OTHER PERSON PRESENT OR AT LEAST IN ANOTHER ROOM. NEVER MEET HIM ALONE! Some abusers are extremely jealous when the victim of abuse either leaves or he has thrown her out and out of his own self loathing he wants you back. Many abusers want to meet later on and many of them will end that woman's life! Take me seriously when I say DON'T MEET HIM ALONE!!!!! Don't do it as it can end up in tragedy (even death!) Do you remember the Playboy bunny Dorothy Stratton? She was going with an abuser and he ended up killing her. Please go onto: Type in: What is the "Cycle of Abuse." You should learn as much as you can so you are better prepared to protect yourself and not choose these types of men. There are generally slight signs of this person's character when you first meet them. Another good site is "The Teresa Saldana Story" and she was an upcoming actress several years ago. She left her abusive relationship, ran to her sisters home and she thought she was protected by her sister and her brother-in-law. To make a long story short, Ms. Saldana had to confront her abuser on the stairs at her sister's home. Even with the constant threats coming from her sister and brother-in-law the abuser dashed up the stairs after Ms. Saldana and was certainly going to harm her. She managed to slip by him and ran out onto the street (this was in broad daylight!) He caught up to her and stabbed her 19 or more times while on-lookers stood in a circle and watched it! Thank God, there was a male jogger coming by and he tackled the abuser and saved her life. She spent many months in the hospital and even refused to leave the hospital because she thought he would stalk her again. Everytime she looks at those scars on her body she was reminded of that horrible day her abuser caught up to her. It took many years, but Ms. Saldana (I admire this woman greatly) started "Abuse Women's Programs and Centers" and went after funding for this. She also helped to change laws so they would protect women more. Abusers are about control, and if you try to take the control from them you just never know where their anger will go. Now you can see that anything is possible when you are dealing with an abuser and one can't say for sure if this person would kill you or beat you so badly you'd wish you were dead. The main thing is ... it will turn into one ugly scene and the victim will come out the loser. Marcy

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Q: When an ex-abusive boyfriend comes back and makes a sincere apology for using you is he sincere and why would he see and point in asking if you could discuss this furthur?
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