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independent variable

dependant variable


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Q: When an experiment is performed what are necessary parts to have an accurate study completed?
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How is data from an experiment are analyzed?

Why is it important to have an accurate data in a experiment?

Why do you have to have trials in an experiment?

so your answer is accurate

What are the precautions for experiment?

handle everything carefully and repeat the experiment to get accurate answer.

The importance of a control in an experiment?

When doing a controlled experiment, you get accurate results.

When does an experiment need to be replicated?

To prove accurate results when you are the first to do the experiment.

How do you make an accurate experiment?

You can make sure a experiment is accurate by only changing one thing and doing the experiment more than once to make sure its a fair test.

How will repeating an experiment make the results more accurate?

Repeating a experiment is not meant to make the results more accurate. The purpose of repeating an experiment is to validate your previous results showing that they can be replicated.

How can you be sure the results of an experiment are accurate?

repeat your experiment a few times!! that's it, easy.

Why is it necessary to keep accurate whs records in the workplace?

why is it necessary to keep accurate health and safety records in the workplace

What do the scientists do to the data after the experiment?

they see if it is still accurate

How do you make an experiment more accurate?

et you a dictionary!

When you do an experiment is it important to have all measuring accurate?

It would be pointless doing the experiment and not measuring accurately

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