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"Fully entitled" is developer/builder jargon. It refers to a business opportunity. State and local pre-construction requirements are known as "entitlements". It means that the preliminary permitting work has been completed for a building project on a parcel of land. Primarily, the plans for the project have been approved by the Planning Board or Commission. A builder or developer can then purchase the parcel and build according to the proposals and plans that have already been approved.

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Is an allele that is fully expressed referred to as recessive?

No, it is referred to as dominant

Allele that is fully expressed is referred to as?

a recessive allele

You work as a butcher for a grocery store are you entitled to mimium wage pay?

If you are a fully qualified butcher you would be entitled to a much higher rate than minimum pay.

Who was entitled to fully enjoy the blessings of American liberty?

Any one who wants to be an American Citizen.

Why do male rats have teats?

Male human beings and males of most mammal species have teats, too. They are just undeveloped in males, fully developed in females.

What is an undeveloped character?

Undeveloped means that the character isn't fully fleshed out on the page. He or she doesn't have all of the characteristics that a real person would have, but is just sketched in. Developed characters have more than just outward appearance - they have thoughts, feelings, goals, problems, and everything else real people have.

Fully plastic moment of section?

The fully plastic moment of section is referred as the moment at which a given cross-section has reached its yield stress.

Everyone is entitled to a social and international order in which the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration can be fully realized?


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these are "undeveloped" teats found on male dogs. It a female trait that does not get fully developed inmales. Sort of just like males/females of the human species have a little of each other's traits...

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A country working toward industrialization. (normally have subsistence farming)A developing Country is a country that has not fully developed meaning that there is room for improvements that will make it a better place

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Georgia colony had slaves up to the end of the antebellum era. The residents of this colony believed the slaves were not entitled to their private lives and fully belonged to the masters.

Structures which are fully developed in one group of organism but reduced or possibly nonfunctional in a similar group are referred to as?

You may be asking about 'Vestigial' organs.

Are you supposed to be naked in a Chinese massage?

No. Tuina is the proper term for the therapy referred to as Chinese massage, and it is performed while the receiver is fully clothed.

What is terminal handling in computer networks?

Crescent operates a network of strategically placed terminals which are fully equipped with material handling equipment. This allows our customers the option of cargo storage. These fully secured terminals provide appropriate storage for all cargo, from the smallest parcel to heavy lift cargo over 300 tons.

What is a 'movie Film Print'?

A movie film print is when they take the undeveloped film and send it off to be processed. What they get back is the fully developed film called the Film Print. It's the first time they get to see everything that was shot to make the movie.

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No. Mammals which lay eggs outside their bodies are monotremes.A placental mammal gives birth to live young which are fully developed, unlike marsupials, which give birth to live young which are very undeveloped.

What street does Kristen Stewart really live on?

WikiAnswers refuses to provide such information on celebrities or individuals. Also, WikiAnswers strongly believes that celebrities are fully entitled to keeping this sort of this information private.

Do you have to register an inherited gun in Florida?

No. Unless it is a fully automatic weapon (often referred to as an "NFA Weapon) There is no requirement to register firearms anywhere in the State of Florida.

Do homeowners associations have to disclose expenses?

Your answer depends on who you are. If you are an owner, you are fully entitled to review and inspect all business records of the association, including all financial records. If you are a prospective buyer, you are entitled to certain financial summaries, which generally include expenses by category. If you are simply curious, you may have no access -- except through an owner -- to the information you seek.

Why do you have to pay back your company for holidays?

It is not appropriate for employees to pay the company that has employed them for holidays. According to the labor and employment law, every employee is entitled to 30 days fully paid holiday or leave.

Can a passenger in a vehicle sue driver of that vehicle?

Yes. If the passenger is hurt in an accident caused by the driver, the passenger is fully entitled to sue the driver. In fact even if the passenger is a spouse of the driver, the passenger can sue.

Dramatic irony occurs when?

Dramatic irony occurs when something contradicts the real situation. Onlookers will fully realize that it should not have happened. This is also referred to as tragic irony.