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Verrochio worked for the Medici family in Florence, Italy. DaVinci was one of his many apprentices. Depending on the source you check, DaVinci was about fourteen or fifteen when he began his apprenticeship.

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Where did Leonardo da Vinci begin his apprenticeship under Verrocchio?

In Verrocchio's workshop in Florence.

Where did Leonardo Da Vinci begin his early education at?

When he began apprenticing for Andrea Verrocchio at the age of 14.

What are some famous painters that begin with the letter L?

Leonardo da Vinci

When did Leonardo de Vinci begin to paint the Mona Lisa?

Answer:he began to paint the mona Lisa in 1503

What was special about Leonardo da Vinci?

Leonardo was EXTREMELY talented in art, literature, and inventions. He had many ideas that helped begin the more modern age, along with 3D-looking painting.

Was Leonardo da Vinci the first person to explain why the sky is blue?

No, da Vinci was not the first person to explain why the sky is blue. John Tyndall was the fist person to begin to explain this phenomenon in 1859.

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When did Leonardo begin his job as a painter?


In which building in Paris did the Da Vinci code begin?

The building in Paris where the Da Vinci Code started was the Louvre Museum.

When did Leonardo da vinai begin painting Mona Lisa?


Where did the Renaissance begin?

The Renaissance began in Italy, specifically in the Italian cities of Florence and Venice. Many of the innovations created during the Renaissance were made in Italy, like the artwork and scientific work of Leonardo da Vinci or the paintings of Raphael and Donatello.

What gcses are needed to become an electrician?

To begin an apprenticeship as an electrician you should have GCSE's in English, Maths and Science. You should achieve grades A-C.

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Why did Leonardo de Vinci's last supper begin to disintegrate even within his own time?

He mixed tempera with plaster

Why is Leonardo da Vinci known as the Renaissance man?

Well to begin with a 'Renaissance Man', is a concept which describes an ideal man in renaissance times. Other terms include a 'Universal man' or a more modern term a Polymath. They all mean someone who excels in several areas.Leonardo da Vinci represents the Universal Man because he was an accomplished:-painter -Sculptor-Musician -Writer-Engineer -Architect-Botanist -Anatomist-InventorHe is also said to have been very advanced for his time.Leonardo da Vinci was a Renaissance man because he publicised an lot of the Renaissance art and ideas.Because he wanted to know everything possible. The opposite of an expert, who knows a lot about a defined subject.Leonardo da Vinci was seen as an ideal Renaissance man because he was so diversely talented and that was seen as important to the men during the Renaissance.Leonardo Da Vinci had many talents, which is what a renaissance man is all about. He was a painter, engineer, sculptor and even studied the human anatomy and his drawings are still used today.In addition to being just about the smartest person ever, Leonardo is reported to have been a strikingly handsome man with great strength and a fine singing voice, go figureHe came up with many new ideas that revolutionized the world at his time. He made most of the Renaissance possible by supplying people with his ideas. However, he was not the only one who contributed to the Renaissance. Michelangelo is just one other example.Leonardo was called the renaissance man because he influenced lots of the renaissance art and ideas.That is when he lived and painted.Leonardo da Vinci had a wide knowledge of many subjects and had diverse talents.Because he embodied all the qualities pertaining to a Renaissance man.onardo—Leonardo was called the renaissance man because he influenced lots of the renaissance art and ideas. And because of his curiosity and a great work, we got to know about medicine and the human body, in addition to physics and art.was calledthe renaissance man because he influenced lots of the renaissance art and ideas. And because of his curiosity and a great work, we got to know about medicine and the human body, in addition to physics and art w about medicine and the human body, in addition to physics and art t work, we got to know about medicine and the human body, in addition to physics and arthe was a renowned artist, clever inventor, and brilliant scientist whose accomplishments spanned many fields of interest

How did helicopters get invented?

Leonardo Da Vinci came up with the idea of a flying machine using a sail-screw. It took hundreds of years of developments in metalwork, engines, fuels before they could begin to work on the airfoil components. In the 1940's, the culmination of all these areas of study finally created the conditions necessary to be able to build a helicopter that could safely move through the air. -------- Paul Cornu, 1907, France.

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What did an apprentice for a master of renaissance painting do?

An apprentice's first tasks were humble: sweeping, running errands, preparing the wooden panels for painting, and grinding and mixing pigments. As the apprentice's skills grew, he would begin to learn from his master: drawing sketches, copying paintings, casting sculptures, and assisting in the simpler aspects of creating art works. The best students would assist the master with important commissions, often painting background and minor figures while the Master painted the main subjects. The few apprentices who showed amazing skill could eventually become masters themselves. A very few became greater artists than their masters. One legend tells of the young Leonardo da Vinci painting an angel so perfectly that his master Verrocchio broke his brushes in two and gave up painting forever in recognition of his pupil's superior abilities.

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Why did The Last Supper begin to disintegrate?

It is fresco painted on a wall and the paint flaked off the wall due to moisture and the type of paint used by Da Vinci. The monks also cut a door in the wall that was part of the painting.

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How long does a tattoo apprenticeship take?

For the most part, that all depends on you the prospective apprentice. It all depends heavily on how much time you have to devote to learning, how quickly you can learn, your artistic ability, your overall attitude and people skills, ability to think on your toes and a lot of other things that you have to take into account. The absolute quickest that I have ever seen an apprenticeship taking was around 8 months, and the student in question was very quick to learn and had pretty good natural talent to begin with. It takes a good while till you're truly at a place where you can throw down a piece right the first time in a good amount of time and not have your customers come back regulary for touch ups and the like. In many instances, a year to a year and a half is the norm for an apprenticeship and two years isn't unheard of. No apprenticeship should take longer than that, and if it either really suck and should quit, or your shop sucks and you should find another.

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