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Q: When and how did germany surrender in WW2?
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What is the agreement that ended World War 2?

There was NO agreement to end WW2. WW2 was ended by unconditional surrender by both Germany & Japan.

When did the French surrender in World War II?

France surrendered to Germany in WW2 the 22th of June 1940.

Who was the last axis power to surrender during ww2?

Japan surrender last on August 14,1945, shortly after Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed. Germany surrendered in May 8,1945.

Why did Germany surrender in Europe in d-day in WW2?

You are mistaken, Germany surrendered almost a year after D-Day. The D-Day invasion was the precursor to the vanquishing of the German armies.

Who signed the peace treaty with Japan?

There was NO peace treaty signed in WW2, for anybody. Japan/Germany signed instruments of un-conditional surrender.

What were ve day vj day?

VE day celebrated Victory in Europe and is the anniversary of the surrender of Germany in WW2. VJ day celebrates the Victory in Japan and celebrates the surrender of Japan. It took 2 atomic bombs to make them surrender - Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Were Italy and Spain apart of the Allies in World War 2?

No. In WW2 Italy was an Axis country allied to Germany and Japan until their surrender in September 1943. Spain was neutral in WW2, not on either side.

What was the name of the treaty treaty signed ending World War 2?

There were no treaties signed to end WW2. Germany and Japan signed instruments of unconditional SURRENDER.

When did Europe surrender during World War 2?

Europe did not surrender during WW2.

What did Germany agree to do to end the Allied attacks?

all of the above

When did World War 2 offcially end?

8 May 1945 was Victory in Europe, General Jodl signed unconditional surrender of Germany in Reims. 2 Sept 1945 Victory in Japan. West Germany (not Germany) was a signatory the surrender in 1945, however, Germany was not unified until 9 November 1989, when the Berlin Wall fell, and some see that date as the true end of WW2.

Why did Nazi Germany end?

Nazi Germany was subjected to an utterly devastating and total defeat in WW2, and in view of its appalling record of aggression and inhumanity the Allies insisted on regime change. The Nazis had to surrender unconitionally in May 1945 and the Allies were legally able to do what they chose with Germany.

What order did the allies surrender?

The Allies did not surrender in WW2 . You must be reading a different book than us.

When did japan surrender in WW2?

August 14, 1945.

Why was Germany split in World War 2?

World war 1 was the result of German aggression. The terms of the WW1 German surrender restricted future military action, and when Germany attempted to conquer Europe in WW2, it was in direct violation of the terms of that surrender. Folowing WW2, the Allied forces decided that it would be best to prevent any future German attempts to attempt to take over Europe and eventually the world. In general, it was decided to divide Germany into 3 parts in an effort to limit their abilities. It was probably a good idea.

What event caused Germany to surrender?

The Event that caused Germany to surrender was the death of Adolf hitler

What is D - Day?

D-Day was the code name for the Allied forces of Britain and Commonwealth and the USA to invade Nazi occupied France and to start the liberation of Europe. Literally the turning point of WW2 in Europe, this forced the surrender of Germany within a year.D-Day was the code name for the Allied forces of Britain and Commonwealth and the USA to invade Nazi occupied France and to start the liberation of Europe. Literally the turning point of WW2 in Europe, this forced the surrender of Germany within a year.

What is the currecy of Germany?

In WW2, the Reichsmark. After WW2 the Deutsche Mark (West Germany). Now the Euro.

Did nazi Germany surrender first or japan?


Where in France did Germany surrender unconditionally?

Versailles unconditional surrender was signed at rheims germany- rheims is correct

What was the Germany required to surrender in the armistice?

They surrendered their U-boats Germany was to surrender to neutral or Allied ports 10 battleships.

Why did japan surrender in WW2?

atomic bomb

Was the surrender of japan because of a nuclear bomb?

in WW2 yes

What is the bombing in Japan?

It was the measure to make Japan surrender in ww2.

Which country was the last to surrender to the allied powers in ww2?