When and how did japan attack the United States?

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The Japanese attacked the port of Pearl Harbor on the date of Dec,7,1941. This date will always be known as the day of "Infamy". The reason the Japanese attack the port was because Japanese thought that knowing the US that we would sooner or later have gotten involved in the war anyway so they thought that they should strike the heart of the US navy in one fierce attack that would cripple the USs navy. The only way to do that was to get rid of our aircraft carriers. The Japanese did have spys on the island. On dec 7 in the morning the first wave of planes went in to attack the port but when they got there the air craft carriers weren't there, the spy was wrong. The attack still went on in three deadly waves of bombers, fighters, and torpedo bombers. Due to the fact that the US was so unprepared for this attack the men were only able to shot down 27 of the 350 or so planes that were sent to destroy Pearl Harbor.
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What did the United States do to Japan so that they would attack back at Pearl Harbor?

Absolutely nothing. That's why it was such an incredible surprise.Michael Montagne Answer Break down of peace talks between the US and Japan. The USA created ECONOMIC SANCTIONS over Japan as it increase its aggressive forgien policy. Also, the USA was not in WW2 however it was supporting the alli ( Full Answer )

What is a thorough structural and institutional explanation for why Japan attacked the United States?

Answer . That sounds to me like a homework question for which you are supposed to do research to find the answer. The short answer is that Japan attacked the United States because we were the only power in the Pacific both willng and able to oppose their plans for conquest. We had just placed an ( Full Answer )

Why did Japan attack the United States to begin with?

Answer . The Japanese were desperate. During WW1 Japan had been America's ally. When Japan tried to collect her share of the booty at Versailles she ran into Woodrow Wilson. Wilson rejected Japan's claim to this which Japan had captured at a price in blood.\n. \nIn 1921 at the Washington Nava ( Full Answer )

Why did Japan get into a war with the United States?

The Japanese didn't want to get into a war with the US. The plan was to take out Pearl Harbor, a major U.S. naval base, unexpectedly, thus crippling the giant and keeping them out of Japan's hair while Japan went on to conquer East Asia. It was also the Japanese intention to take control of the P ( Full Answer )

Did the United States bomb Japan?

Answer . Yes. Remember that it was war. Japan had attacked U.S. interests in Pearl Harbor, had taken control of most of the pacific islands, ruthlessly attacked the people of China and had openly expressed their belief that because of our genetic "impurity", the people of the United States would ( Full Answer )

What was the United States reaction to the Pearl Harbor attack?

Full engagement in World War II and subsequent victory over the Japanese. Answer American men lined up at recruter offices to fight in the war, women went to work in the factories - businesses - baseball teams - anyplace that the men were leaving behind to keep life going here. In general - the ( Full Answer )

Was the United States expecting the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The attack of Pearl Harbor was inevitable. the United States were cutting back on oil supplies from the Japanese in return was retaliation of Japan. Knowing of the attack on pearl harbor maybe but going to a no. An attack on the United States from the Japanese, yes because of retaliation.

Why did Japan attack the United States in December 1941?

first answer: Because US and UK blockaded supplies to Japan since they protested Japanese Empire's expansion into Asia like UK and US were. The two sides tired to use diplomacy to solve the differences, but Japan bet everything they had to risk war to destroy all of the US Pacific Fleet in Pearl Har ( Full Answer )

How many times has the United States been attacked?

April 18th 1775- attacked by the British, most famous for Paul revere yelling "The British are coming" August 16, 1812 - the British invaded and sacked Washington D.C. and burned the White house to the ground, March 9th 1916- Pancho Villa and 500 Mexicans attacked New Mexico killing 18 Americ ( Full Answer )

Why was the United States unprepared for the attack on Pearl Harbor?

By late 1941, U.S. officials believed war with Japan was imminent. However they did not think Pearl Harbor would be the initial target, but rather the Philippines; with it's air bases posing a threat to the shipping lanes. As it turned out, both were attacked simultaneously.

What products does the United States export to Japan?

Japan is the third largest market for US agricultural products. Japan imports wheat, corn and soybeans from the United States. US exports to Japan in 2009 reached about $51.2 billion dollars. While the US imported about $150 billion from Japan.

Who was stronger in 1941 Japan or the United States?

In 1941 Japan was stronger in the quality and quantity of aircraft carriers, battleships, cruisers, destroyers, submarines, torpedos (long lance), sea planes, fighter plane, and combat experienced land armies (from fighting in China).. In 1941 the US had less than quality and/or less in number (qua ( Full Answer )

What ocean separates Japan from the United States?

The Pacific Ocean separates Japan from the United States. However,there are 6,303 miles between the two countries. The flight timebetween Los Angeles, California, and Tokyo, Japan is about 11 hoursin length.

Why did the United States attack Vietnam?

The claim by the Johnson White House was that an American ship was attacked by North Vietnamese patrol boats in the Gulf of Tonkin. This was later proven to be false, but at the time it was used as the pretext for American involvement in the conflict. The US had been seeking to bolster the anti-comm ( Full Answer )

How did the United States treat Japan after the war?

The United States occupied Japan at the conclusion of the war, and implemented programs to restore the economic viability of the country. This was ultimately successful in establishing a renewed industrial capacity and high employment levels.

Where were united state navy ships attacked by north vietnamese?

1. USN destroyers were attacked by NVN P4 Torpedo Boats in the Tonkin Gulf in 1964. 2. USN cruiser (USS Oklahoma City) and destroyer (USS Higbee) were attacked by NVAF MiG17s (jets) in 1972. 3. USN PCF-19 (Swift Boat) was attacked and sunk by a NVAF helicopter in 1968. 4. USN riverine boats were in ( Full Answer )

How many Muslim Attacks have their been on the United States?

Four Their was a failed attack on the basement of The World Trade Center Buildings in 1993, a successful attack in 2001 on The World Trade Center Buildings, the pentagon was also hit in the 9/11 attacks, and in 2010 a failed attack in time square

What does Japan and the United states have in common?

There are a number of things that Japan and the United states havein common. Both countries were part of World War II, the standardsof living in both countries are high, the both practice democracyand so much more.

Is North Korea Planning On Attacking The United States?

N. Korea is threatening America, Japan, and several other places. America, Japan and those other countries may get attacked by N.Korea. we are hoping North Korea Doesnt attack,. But so far, N.Korea is seeming like they will attack soon - American Girl -

Would japan have invaded United States?

Not a chance :) Even if the US Army defending the mainland dissappeared- you would still have like one Japanese soldier control 100 square miles or something. I don't think the invasion of US was in any Japanese war planner's agenda(s).

When did the United States bomb Japan?

Firebombings All Across Japan: 1942-1945, with major cities including Tokyo-Yokohama, Osaka, Kobe, and Nagoya among many other smaller ones. Atomic Bombings Hiroshima, Japan: August 6, 1945 Nagasaki, Japan: August 9, 1945

Is Japan part of the United States?

No, Japan is not part of the United States. Japan remained an independent nation, both before and after WWII. I don't know it's beginning history to know whether it was ever under the control of another nation.

What are some attacks on the United States leading up to 911?

There were no military "attacks". Although, there was terrorist attacks but not as much as there is right now. Nobody thought that Osama would make plans to crash an airplane into the Twin Towers. It was random. Osama believed that the United States were being unfair to the Middle East. Some people ( Full Answer )

How vulnerable is the United States for another terrorist attack?

InterAksyon.com The online news portal of TV5 WASHINGTON -- The US power grid is susceptible to terrorists and could take weeks or even months to repair if attacked, a study warns. The findings come shortly after mega storm Sandy hit New York City and the New Jersey coast late last month, causin ( Full Answer )

Does the United States still pay for the attack on Japan?

This question makes an incorrect underlying assumption, namely that the United States began paying any sort of compensation to Japan for the atomic bombing. The United States at no time made any such payment and as a result, it cannot still be paying them.

Did the united states know japan would attack them on Pearl Harbor?

first answer: Yes they did, they where informed by several countries in Europe, before hand. However they ignored the warnings. Correct Answer: No, the United States did not know in advance about the Japanese attack on December 7th, 1941 at Pearl Harbor and at the other US military facilities ( Full Answer )

Why United States attacked Hitler in world war 2?

Because of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour in December 1941- Japan and Germany were allied by treaty, and the USA could not go to war against Japan without declaring war on Germany as well.

Why United States shouldn't boomed in Japan?

Most people are inclined to the idea that too many people suffered a tragic death. Any ways, the other way to get Japan was to enter the main land. An estimate of half a million deaths of US service members and even more Japanese soldiers and civilian. The civilians were ready to fight to the death ( Full Answer )

Why did the United States attack Philippines?

On April 25, 1898, the united states declared war on Spain andthe secretary of the Navy, Theodore Roosevelt, ordered Dewey attackthe Spanish fleet in the Philippines. The battle of Manila Bay wasthe first hostile engagement in the Spanish-American war.