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When and how will science fully understand the function of dreams?

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Dreams have been studied for many years, but they still haven't come to any conclusions as to what makes us dream. The closest they have come is to realize a person may have problems in their lives, stressed out and during sleep they don't go into a REM sleep. Also eating late at night (and believe it or not eating cheese near bedtime and other foods) can produce dreams or even nightmares. People dream every 1/2 hour (most of us don't remember the dreams) and it is said that if we didn't dream we would go mad. If we are not in a true REM sleep then we are more than likely to remember the last dream just before we wake up. If very tense and stressed out a dream can actually wake a person up. The brain is like a large circuit board and since science has not studied the brain (the least studied organ of the brain) for years they have a lot of catching up to do. Many Universities do studies on dream patterns with willing participants.

2006-08-10 04:57:42
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Q: When and how will science fully understand the function of dreams?
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