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hurricanes will most likely happen on the coast states and will start at any time.Hurricanes also happen at the south-eastern India and they have specific time, year, month or day!!! XO

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Hurricanes are most likely to occur over the ocean in the tropics.

Hurricanes are most likely to strike the U.S. in the summer and early fall.

Most happen around the Atlantic Ocean. Hurricanes happen in hotter countries like Miami.

Hurricanes are deadly and dangerous natural disasters. The majority of hurricanes happen the Atlantic Ocean where they are typically named.

Hurricanes, specifically, are likely to strike the Carribean, Gulf of Mexico costal region, and the Atlantic Seaboard.

More hurricanes happen in Florida than in Arizona because:

Hurricanes most likely occur near the equator where there are tempatures about 80 degrees in oceans.

Hurricanes are most likely to occur in late summer.

hurricanes are most likely to strike in hot places as they need the hot oceans and the air to create them

Most hurricanes happen in the coastal plains region of Texas

Hurricanes happen every year.

Thunderstorms are most common in the spring and summer. Hurricanes are most common in the summer and fall.

Hurricanes, Cyclones and Typhoons (they are all the same thing) dissiape enormous amounts of energy. On Earth this energy comes from the Sun and the Sun;s energy stored in Sun warmed waters in the the Tropics. Therefore Hurricanes are a feature of tropical oceanic regiones. Thus the poles and the centre of continents are areas where hurricanes are least likely to happen.

Hurricanes are most common in the summer. There is no correlation between earthquake frequency and time of year.

Hurricanes are most common in summer and early fall. Tornadoes are most common in spring and early summer.

The eastern portion of the United States is most likely to experience hurricanes. Hurricanes can't maintain their strength over the cold waters off the west coast.

About 15 hurricanes happen in just one year.

Hurricanes strike Texas along the Gulf coast, typically along the northern portion.

They are most likely to happen between May and November or from August to October.

On coastal areas, since it forms in oceans

Hurricanes mostly happen in the SouthEast,East,SouthWest,or the West. the reason why they do is that Hurricanes have to happen in big bodies of water. In other words the ocean.

it is most likely to happen at night when it is cold, it will happen on the face of a rock or cliff where water can get into the cracks.

No. Hurricanes can only happen in coastal areas with warmer climates.

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