When and where did Henry VIII meet Catherine of Aragon?

In 1501 when the Princess came over from Spain to marry his brother Arthur.

Katherine of Aragon was first married to Arthur (Henry's older brother and the heir apparent to the throne of their father, Henry VII), but Arthur died on April 2, 1502, only about 5 months after his marriage.

King Henry VII, in an effort to keep up the Spanish - English alliance that had been so strengthened by Katherine and Arthur's (brief) marriage, promised Henry VIII in marriage to Katherine on June 23, 1503, (when Henry VIII was about 11 years old) to take effect on June 28, 1505 (Henry VIII's 15th birthday - Katherine was about 5 years older than he).

However, they did not wed until June 11, 1509, shortly after Henry VIII became king (12 days before his June 23 coronation) on the death of Henry VII.