When and where did Skylab fall back to Earth?

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Skylab fell back to Earth on 11 July 1979 and while most of it fell into the sea, quite a bit of the debris rained down on the Western Australian town of Esperance and surrounding areas. Most of the pieces were found on a 160km wide strip of land between the Perth-Adelaide highway and the Indian Pacific railway line.
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What was Skylab?

It was the first space station built by American astronauts. It was abandoned in 1974. It re-entered and burned up in Earth's atmosphere in 1979.

What is skylab?

\n\n Skylab was a space\nstation launched and operated by NASA (the space agency of the United States)\nand was the U.S.'s first space station. Skylab orbited the Earth f

Why did skylab fall back to earth?

it fell on earth because back then we didn't do the extra boost they sometimes do now. The ISS now hovers around the earth and the gravitational force keeps it down like it do

What are skylabs?

A Skylab is a science and engineering laboratory, was launched into orbit by a Saturn V rocket on May 14 1973.

What year and why did Skylab fall?

Skylab's orbit gradually declined over the years it was in space. It had been in orbit for six years when it made its descent on 11 July 1979, with many chunks of hot debris f

Why Skylab fell on earth?

Because their where plans for a new space station ( MIRR and years later also the ISS). Because Skylab becameunusefull they sended towards the atmosphere of the earth to burn

How do satellites fall back to Earth?

That will happen if they lose movement energy - usually due to atmospheric drag, if they are not high enough above Earth.
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How long does skylab take to circumnavigate the earth?

Skylab orbited the earth from 1971 to 1979. It orbited the Earth2,476 times during its 171 days and 13 hours that it was occupied from 1973 to1974. This calculates to roughly