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That is a very good and difficult question. Most books cover the campaigns in Mississippi or else the campaigns in the "West" or Arkansas & Missouri but it is hard to find how the army moved from one area to the other. Also, I can't seem to find much info on General van Dorn. Some references place him in southern Mississippi and then he pops up at Pea Ridge and before you know it he is in Iuka. General Van Dorn was the commander of the Army of the West. I found this Official Order that mentions where he was when Gen Van Dorn was ordered to Corinth area. "HEADQUARTERS WESTERN DEPARTMENT, Corinth, March 25, 1862. The PRESIDENT, Richmond, Va.: I arrived here yesterday and conferred with Generals Beauregard, Polk, and Bragg. General Beauregard returned to Jackson. General Van Dorn is at Van Buren...I ordered him to Memphis....The enemy is advancing today in some force from Pittsburg toward Corinth....My force is now united, holding Burnsville, Iuka, and Tuscumbia, with one division here. A. S. JOHNSTON, General, C. S. Army." Van Buren is located at Forth Smith, AR. I found a reference to Special Order No. 86, issued by Gen Van Dorn of HQ Army of WEST, at Camp Churchill Clark, May 12, 1862. The order instructs officers to limit their baggage. Camp Churchill Clark, near Corinth, Mississippi, even though there seems to have been another camp by that name in southern Mississippi. I found someone's map sketch that put together that showed the movement of General Ruggles from Memphis and it appears he traveled to Corinth along the Memphis & Charleston Railroads or else the road that paralleled it. This would be the obvious means of travel that Gen Van Dorn's Army would have utilized. So, I searched for units that served within the Army of the West. I found a history of the 19th Arkansas Regiment and the 3rd Missouri Regiment.;read=14811 History of 3rd Missouri Infantry Regiment: Quoting the 3rd Missouri Regiment's history: ""A 200 mile trek across east and central Arkansas began at the end of March. By April 1st, the Army of the West was ordered to cross over to the east side of the Mississippi River...""On April 7th, the Missourians boarded steamboats and made their way to Memphis, TN and then marched overland into northern Mississippi." In conclusion, I believe the Army of West traveled to Memphis and crossed the river by steamboat and then traveled by foot (or maybe rail) to Iuka.

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Q: When and where did the Confederate Army of the West cross the Mississippi River from Arkansas to Mississippi before to the Battle of Iuka Mississippi?
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