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When and who invented the bluetooth device?

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Ericsson in 1994. The standard is now managed and maintained by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, consisting of some 17,000 companies worldwide.

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Bluetooth was invented by a group on engineers from Ericsson in 1994. Many believe the main reason for its invention was to create a device that didn't use much energy.Bluetooth is a wireless technology for exchanging data over short distances.

After device to connect bluetooth, device will scan the bluetooth address, this address is a unique, device identification is mainly done by address!

As with most electronic devices the bluetooth device will die.

Bluetooth is device which can connect the two systems.

Jaap Haartsen and Sven Mattisson, invented the Bluetooth in 1994

You have to go in the control panel and make sure that the Bluetooth device is listed on the device manager.

Yes, Bose Bluetooth headsets can be used to play music. The headphones link to a Bluetooth device, such as a smartphone, and access the playlist on the device. The music on the device is transmitted to the headphones through Bluetooth technology.

Get the manual out for your Bluetooth device and follow the instructions there. Usually you will have to go to the Bluetooth option in your phone menu, scan for the Bluetooth device, and enter in the code that is written in your manual. After that you should be connected. Each Bluetooth device is different however, and that's why you need to read the manual to figure out exactly how to activate your device.

Possible, If your device is updatable.

hoe to controll any device through bluetooth

To connect a Bluetooth device to a Mac you need to ensure that Bluetooth is turned on in the Mac's System Preferences and that it is Discoverable. Bluetooth devices should then find the Mac by its name and pair with it.

One can sync a Bluetooth device to a car stereo by simply switching on the Bluetooth functions of the device and the car stereo and using the pairing function on them to connect. The device will then play through the car speakers.

Yes, the iPad does have bluetooth built into it. You can turn the Bluetooth on in your settings and link it to another device.

You need to go into Device Manager. You will see Network Adapter. Click on it and if you have Bluetooth is will be displayed as a Bluetooth device.

Bluetooth is a type of device protocol, not something you can download. If you have a Bluetooth device, Windows should recognize it and add the appropriate system files and control panel icons.

A small device that enables computers to communicate with Bluetooth devices.

you should have a Bluetooth usb than on the nokia bluetooth headset bh-105 after that search the bt-105 device in the bluetooth usb and pair the device

Bluetooth devices can be difficult to understand when it comes to connecting to your mobile device. First, you need to make sure that your device is Bluetooth capable. If it's not, then you will not be able to connect a Bluetooth device to your phone. If it is, you need to visit your settings application from your phone's menu. In settings, you should be able to find a category named 'Bluetooth', or perhaps 'Connectivity'. Clicking on 'Bluetooth' will most likely result in your phone asking or allowing you to add a device. At this point you need to make sure your Bluetooth is powered on. Now you can add a device. Your phone will search for a Bluetooth and other Bluetooth capable devices. When you find the one you are looking for, request to connect to it. If the other device accepts, then you should be connected.

The iHome iBT39 is a bluetooth device and if your Laptop supports bluetooth (or you get a USB bluetooth dongle for it), you will be able to pair it to your laptop if your Operating system is modern enough - follow the "help" instructions on how to turn on bluetooth and pair a device.

It is relatively easy to use Bluetooth on the Sony Ericsson. First, turn on the Bluetooth device. Second, press the menu button on the phone and select "Settings and Tools. Select "Bluetooth" from the menu options and then "Add a new device". Select "All devices" to begin a search for the desired device and select the device from the list. Finally, enter the passkey for the device.

Bluetooth was invented by Ericsson, a telecom vendor, in 1994. Bluetooth Special Interest Group developed and manages this wireless technology.

All cellphones that are compatible with bluetooth devices should be able to sync to the device. Try checking the settings on your phone. Most phones call the menu "Bluetooth settings" or "Bluetooth devices." Most will prompt you to turn on your bluetooth device in order to sync.

Go to Settings>Wireless Networks>Bluetooth Settings> Device Name Type in your new device name

Settings>General>Bluetooth>Select your device.... Voila!