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When any why are the numbers of pandas starting to decline?

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Panda numbers are declining primarily because of loss of habitat and their food source. Pandas feed almost exclusively on bamboo: however, humans have degraded their habitat where the bamboo grows, and the population has gradually shrunk to a fairly small region of China.

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Is any pandas in danger?

ArE PanDaS, not Is Pandsaws!|&

Do pandas have any fighting cancer medicine?

do giant pandas have any type of fighting medicine can giant pandas fight dangerous sickness gaint pandas againts sickness gaint pandas againts sickness

How many pandas are there left in the UK?

Pandas are not native to the UK. Any pandas that are in the UK are in zoos.

Which rainforrests do pandas live in?

Forrest Gump does not have any pandas living in him.

Do pandas hibernate in the summer?

Pandas do not hibernate at any time of the year.

How many pandas in Canada?

There actually aren't any pandas in Canada.

Does the emperor tamarin have any predators?

No natural ones, however disruptions from humans and habitat loss has lead to a decline in numbers recently.

Are there any pandas we don't know of?

yes there are many pandas we dont no off

What are the animals that eat Giant Pandas?

Giant pandas do not have any natural predators.

Are there any wild giant pandas in the UK?

No. Wild pandas do not live in the UK.

Are there any pandas in Mount Vernon?

No, pandas are found in the wild only in China.

What type of grass do pandas eat?

Pandas do not eat any grasses. They eat bamboo.

Do pandas eat each others and why?

Not in any noticeable extent. Pandas are not known to be cannibalistic. Pandas are almost exclusively herbivores, plant eaters.

How can the decline of one population affect another?

The decline of any population will perturb the ecological balance. If the number of one particular species declines, then any species that preys on it will lose some of its food supply and so its population may decline as well. A species in parasitic or symbiotic relationship is also likely to decline. On the other hand, any species which lives in competition - for food or other resources - would face less competition and so its numbers are likely to increase.

Do tigers eat pandas?

yes, tigers will eat pandas and any other animal

Where arepandas found?

Our country, doesn't have any pandas. Pandas only live in China.

Does the pandas have any preditors?


Are there any pandas in Ireland?

No there aren't.

Are there any pandas in zoos?


Are there any Pandas in Russia?


By what do pandas get eaten?

Giant pandas do not have any natural predators in the wild. Their only enemy is man.

Why do people kill pandas?

For their fur. In some mountainous regions, this is similar to subsistence hunting, and the inhabitants use the fur like any other. However, poachers will kill large numbers of pandas and sell their colorful furs, and this can seriously reduce the panda population.

Any gold pandas in willing to you?

nobody cause people love thier gold pandas

Where do pandas get their water from?

Pandas Get their water from any place water is, like lakes, rivers or anything else.

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