When applesauce and aspirin are combined is it a mixture or a compound?


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it is a heterogenous mixture because it contains substances that are not evenly mixed together

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Apple sauce and combo meals are mixtures.Aspirin is a chemical compound but frequently tablets contain and others additives.

Applesauce is a mixture.

Aspirin (acetyl salycilic acid) is a compound.

aspirin is a organic compound. It is prepared by the acetylation of salicyclic acid.

A compound is a pure substance that is Chemically combined but a mixture isn't

"Aspirin" can be used as a chemical term for the compound acetyl salicylic acid. What is commonly called an "aspirin tablet", however, is a mixture of that active ingredient with other materials.

A compound is where two or more substances are chemically combined. A mixture is where two or more substances are notchemically combined.

Compound, as it is a single substance, held together with chemical bonds.

In making a mixture there has been no change in the chemical bonds, in making a compound the chemical bonds are changed.

Aspirin is a compound made from salicylic acid and acetic anhydride. Aspirin is just a brand name created by Bayer. It's actual name is acetylsalicylic acid with a formula of CH3COOC6H4COOH

Mixture, because the elements are not chemical combined together.

It is an mixture because it was not chemically combined.

A compound is composed of two or more elements chemically combined in a definite proportion. The components of a mixture are not chemically combined and can vary in proportion.

ok well the difference is a compound is chemically combined and a mixture isn't

Compound. It is two elements chemically combined.

A substance is a mixture if it is not a pure substance (an element or a compound). An element is just itself. A compound is two or more elements chemically combined. A mixture is multiple substances that are physically combined.

It is a mixture of the active ingredient in Tylenol combined with aspirin and some caffeine. Excedrin Migraine is the only Excedrin with aspirin. It has: 250mg of aspirin, 250mg of acetaminophen, and 65mg caffeine.

It's a mixture because isn't chemically combined.

It is a mixture because the CO2 isn't chemically combined to the sugar.

It is a mixture. because it have more substance but not chemically combined.

no a mixture is two or more substance combined but not chemically joined but a compound is two or more different elements joined

It depends on the substance your are talking about. It could be a compound, mixture, or substance; depending on the substance. If it is an element off the periodic table, it is an element. If it is two elements chemmically combined, it is a compound. If it is two elements that are not chemically combined, it is a mixture.

A mixture is physically mixed while a compound is chemically combined.

its a compound.A compound is two or more elements put together that are chemically combined.

Its a compound as its constituents are combined in fixed proportion by mass

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