When are cataracts ready for surgery?

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February 14, 2008 9:25PM

It used to be "when they are ripe", but with medical technology you can now have cataracts removed as soon as your opthamologist sees the signs of a cataract forming. I've had cataracts removed off both eyes. It was a snap for me, but meticulous work for the surgeon. You go in as an out-patient (can remain in street clothes) and given an IV drip of Valium and 40 mins. later you are sitting in a wheel chair fully awake, feeling good, being given coffee or tea, a muffin and your vitals taken for 20 minutes, then sent home. I got home and made dinner and felt great. BETTER ANSWER It is true cataracts can be removed straight away, but you don't get given 'Valium' and if you were given Valium, you shouldn't have been making tea when you got home. its very dangerous. My anesthesiologist came out and talked to me before surgery and told me it was Valium drip! The anesthesiologist is well versed on how much anesthetic to give and told me I could go about my daily routine, but should not bend over for a week (which would put pressure behind my eyes.) I listen to the pros.