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When are the syba result 2008 of mumbai university going to be declared?

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Result Of S.Y.BA. May 2009 From Mumbai Univercity

the Mumbai University TYBScIT 2010 results going to be declared 6feb2010

It will be declared by the second week of June as mentioned by Mr. Shinde (Mumbai University) in Mumbai Mirror Newspaper article about TYBCOM toppers for 2008. Keep your fingers crossed and all the best."

It is usually declared in the third or fourth week of July and would be posted on the university website

Please wait for the result, till 18th june 2009 it will come next janam..!!!! u dinno???? these university ppl cant give 1 fixed date!!! it will come tonite - midnite at 2 am... huhahahahahha!!! it is on 9th march it is mumbai university but place is kalina

from when F.Y BA exam 2012 is going to start of mumbai university ?

most will b declared today!!!!!!!!!!!

degree results are going to be declared on 10th June but, can anyone tell at what time the results will be out????

15th June 2009 Please let me know how can I find TYBCOM results? Best regards Vinayak Dant

I would like to know when the tyba result is going to be declared.

The ssc results will be declared in mid June. The October results will be declared in the late November.

the results are to be declared on 4th June thrusday. so all the best!!!!!!!!

RESULT OF PART 1 UNDER NEW REGULATION 1+1+1 IS GOING TO BE DECLARED 5th of October 2010 as per the information it can be change by the university at any moment so guys be ready for the result. for further details contact me at contact no. 9831945501.

When sybcom result is going to be declpdare.

The 2011 results are declared on 17th June. The october results were declared on the last sunday of November.

When &Where shall i get the mark list of ssc result 2009?

Its shocking that the great university doesn't give its address. If you were a student there once upon a time try getting a transcript of your degrees from them. They don't care a fig about such trivial pursuits of their ex-students. And their phones and emails don't work. How is India going to portray itself as a great nation if its universities are managed like Banana republics. UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAI, M.G. ROAD, FORT MUMBAI 400032 INDIA. UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAI M.G. ROAD, FORT, 400032 MAHARASHTRA INDIA.

Result is going to be announced in June First week. Date has not been disclosed yet so all HSC appeared needs to wait.

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