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The only diva he kissed was Maria and that was for storyline.

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Q: When are you also going to be able to date the divas or kiss them like john cena and Maria.?
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ashley, Beth Phoenix, Candice, Jillian, Kelly Kelly, Layla, Maria, Melina, Michele McCool, Mickie James, and Victoria. Also any created divas you make.

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Yes because she has the power and strength to beat Beth Phoenix. I also think Beth Phoenix is never going to win the divas title.

Which wrestling divas are ticklish?

Pretty much all the divas are ticklish. Trish, Candice, Stacy, Maria, Gail, Jillian, Kelly are probably amongest the most ticklish. The only major exceptions to this are Jackie Gayda who's upper body isn't ticklish but her feet are. Lita is also not ticklish on any part of her body.

Where can one find information on WWE Divas?

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One can watch Divas Undressed on Amazon where it can be purchased on DVD or watched as a digital download. One can also watch parts of it on both YouTube and Dailymotion.

Who is Maryse from WWE?

She is a Diva whom has held The Divas Title and I think the Woman's Title also

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yess he does and he also has sex too duhhhhhhhhhh that's why he is a wrestler with the divas to do it with them

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