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There is a good pregnancy calculator at: From that it seems that your full term due date works out as 18th August 2006. Hope you're ready! Good luck!

2006-08-14 12:21:57
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If you took an ultrasound on the 11 April because you have irregular periods and it said that your due date is November 05 2008 When should you say you conceived?

Roughly Wednesday February 13th 2008

How do you know when you conceived your baby if your due date is November 5th?

you conceived on Jan 30/31

If born August 09 1965 when were you conceived?

November 1964

If you were born on August 25 what day would you have been conceived on.?

between November 11 and November 25

If you conceived on February 14Th when is you due date?

November 8th

If my daughter's due date is 16th of November 2003 when was she conceived?


When is your due date if you conceived on February 23rd?

Saturday 15th November, roughly

Your baby was born on 17th November what date did you conceive?

then you conceived on feb. 14th

If you conceived on February 14 when would the due date of the baby be?

November 7th

If I conceived on November 24th when is my due date?

August 17 the folowing year.

Is it possible you conceived November 12 if im due on July 19?

no it is not possible. You must have thirty eight between conception and the due date. You conceived 38 weeks before July 19. You would have conceived in middle October.

If baby due date is 8 of November when was he or she consieve?

last period was February 13 and the due date is November 8 when he or she conceived?

If your due date is August 19 when did you conceive?

You conceived on or around 29th of November . Congratulations!

Conceived November 12 when is due date?

i would say around 5th aug

If your child's birthday is August 12 2004 what month would the mother conceived?


Your son was born 12th august 2008 when was he conceived?

Roughly Tuesday November 20th 2007

When is my due date if I conceived on 22nd Feb 2009?

The estimated date of birth is November 15th

Your last period was in November and its the middle of January and still no period?

i have fibriods i found out November of 2007 and i was having irregular periods. in 08 no periods was irregular expect when i came on in November and didnt come on in December and here it is January 14,2009 and i still havent came on what is going on

When did you conceive if your due date is November 2?

You conceived about February 9th, give or take a few days.

When was my baby conceived the due date is November 1st 2008?

Roughly Saturday February 9th 2008

What is due date if conceived February 14th?

November 21st but not for definate, 40 wks from the date concieved

How many weeks are you if you conceived on July 19?

Approximat age of the foetus is 21 weeks as at November 27th

My due date is november 26 when did i concieve?

If your due date is November 26th, 2014, you probably conceived around March 1st - March 9th, 2014.

Is November 9th considered Fall or Winter?

November the 9th is considered the Fall in the northern hemisphere.

Your due date was November 30th 2003 when was he conceived?

Nine months prior to that, assuming the birth was not early or late.