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Need a detailed description of ALL markings.

2012-05-28 22:22:54
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Q: When as the last year that smith and Wesson put out a 38 special break action revolver?
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What is the age of a Smith and Wesson break over revolver?

Turn of the century give or take a few decades.

What is the value of a Smith and Wesson 32 long CTG 5 screw prestamp edition nickel finish smooth wooden handle serial number 123726 no stamp inside?

In order to bet a value for your Smith and Wesson handgun,I will need to know if your Smith and Wesson is a break open(top break)revolver,or a regular revolver,with a swing out cylinder.If you have a break open model then you have a either a 32 double action made from 1883-1909,or a 32 safety hammerless made from 1902-1909.If you have a regular swing out cylinder revolver it is a 32 Hand Ejector 5th change that was made from 1910-1917.Please identify which model and then we can establish a value for your Smith and Wesson.

What year and model smith and Wesson is serial number 88450?

You will need to provide more info on the handgun in question.Please include the model number if possible,the caliber,and barrel length. Also is this firearm a solid frame revolver or a top break action revolver.

What kind of ammo should you use in a smith and Wesson 32 top break revolver?

Needs to be examined by a good gunsmith first.

What is the date of a smith and Wesson top break revolver 32 cal serial number 489XX?

It depends if it is single action, or double action, or safety hammerless, I have a double action 32 with exterior hammer, serial # 22173 to 43405 was made from 1882 to 1883 serial # 43406 to 282,999 was made from 1883 to 1909

What is value of h and r arms 32 cal top break smith and Wesson revolver double action?

I've seen them at second hand gun stores for about $100, so you might be able to get $50 if you sell it to a shop or $75 at a gun show.

Where would you find the model number on a smith and Wesson 32 top break 5 shot revolver?

Model number marking did not occur until 1957 or so.

What is age of a Smith Wesson DA top break revolver 38 caliber 5 rounds serial number 507486?

Need a detailed description of ALL markings.

How do you break down a 38 smith and Wesson special ctg?

Go to S&W's website and request a manual.

What is the date of manufactureon smith and Wesson serial 423885?

Please add the following info to help identify your Smith and Wesson handgun.Is it a break open model or revolver,how many shots,what caliber,what barrel length,along with the serial number that you included.

What is the age and value of a Smith and Wesson model 1880 5 shot revolver 38 caliber with top break barrel serial number 55995?

S&W can tell you if you call them.

What is a US Revolver Company 5 shot revolver?

It is a top break style double action revolver that was made by the Iver Johnson Company from 1910-1935. Value is not great, but will be heavily influenced by condition., averaging around $125-$150 for a specimen in Very Good condition.

How do you break the hammerless revolver?

We need some more information to answer your question- starting with the word "break". Many of the early hammerless revolvers were a "break action", when the revolver was loaded/ unloaded by lifting a latch at the top rear of the frame. This permitted the action to be pivoted open (or broken), and the fired cartridges ejected, and new cartridges inserted. If you mean "break" as in destroy, that is too broad to answwer here. Please feel free to leave a message on my message board, and we will try to get you a good answer.

What is value of h and r arms 32 cal top break revolver double action?

$75-$150, depending on the exact model and condition.

What is the value and history of a 5 cylinder revolver with markings on the top of barrel printed for 38 smith and Wesson ctgs and on side of barrel secret service special has breakaway cylinder?

Well, those are 5 chambers, not 5 cylinders. Bearing NO connection to the US Secret Service, the name was used by both A J Aubrey and Harrington & Richardson. Value is in the $100-$150 range. Think the term you were looking for was top break revolver.

How do you tell the difference between a 32 and a 38 top break revolver?

What years did they make the 38 top break revolver? How can you know how old one is?

What is the model of a 32 caliber Smith and Wesson top break hammerless revolver serial 80082 with a lot of dates on top?

without the pics it sounds like a new departure first model made from 1888-1902

What is age and value of Smith Wesson DA top break revolver 38 caliber 5 rounds serial number 243699 latest date on top of barrel Jan 3rd 82?

Your .38 top break DA third model was made between 1884-1895.

Where can you find information on a single action break open 32 cal 5 shot revolver with only empire arms co on the barrel?

@ turn of the century, inexpensive.

Production date and model for 32 S and W CTG Smith and Wesson Springfield Mass USA 5-shot revolver grip safety breach break tilt barrel hammerless and 215921 on the bottom of the frame below grip?

Best source of information is the Standard Catalog of Smith and Wesson, 3rd edition.

What does break in the action mean?

A break in the action is a pause. A break in the action is a temporary suspension of activity. Activity stops temporarily.

What is a 32 Huntington and Richardson 6 shot barrels break gun?

A top break revolver

What is the name of vash the stampede's gun from trigun?

Vash's gun is supposedly custom made but when it's not in "angel arm" form, it mostly resembles a combination between the Mateba Autorevolver (for its barrel is aligned with the bottom of the cylinder instead of the top) and the Schofield Revolver (for its break action style for a revolver). When it is in Angel-Arm Form, it is simply known as the "Angel Gun" or "Angel Arm" Check out the Chiappa Rhino revolver. It does not break like Vash's gun but the barrel and cylinder are located towards the bottom of the revolver.

38 smith and Wesson stamped on side of barrel 38hammerless with warner arms corp norwich conn stamped on top of barrel any info would help?

The Warner Arms Corp was established in 1912 and marketed revolvers, rifles, semi-automatic pistols, and shotguns made for them by other companies including N.R. Davis & Sons, Ithaca Gun Company, and so forth. In 1917, the company was purchased by N.R. Davis & Company. Under Warner, the .38 caliber revolver is only described as a double action or a double action hammerless. You state that the gun is marked ".38 Smith & Wesson", which is a black powder round first introduced in 1880 by Smith & Wesson and was most often seen in break top revolvers. The round is relatively low power and the break top action is inherently weak, so the two went well together. During that time frame, the break top was very popular. Under Davis-Warner, only a .32 revolver is discussed and it is a swing out cylinder meaning that it is a solid frame revolver. You have an old gun which, if in good condition or better, is worth less than $100 to a collector. If the condition is VG or Exc, the value is somewhat higher, but not astronomical. This is a collector gun, not a shooter. It may be able to be shot, but it's best if it isn't.

When did velvet revolver break up?

October 20th 1583