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Benzene wont de colourise bromine water although it is an unsaturated compound ,as it is an aromatic compound and it does not undergo addition reaction.

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Q: When benzene reacts with bromine water will it decolourise bromine water or not?
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Why benzene does not decolourise bromine water?

Benzene will not decolourise bromine water as it does not undergo addition reaction. It is highly saturated due to presence electron cloud above and below it.

Why does alkyne decolourise bromine water?

The alkyne reacts with bromine removing it from the aqueous solution.

What alkene decolourises bromine water?

All alkenes decolourise bromine water.

How much ethene is needed to decolourise bromine water?


Do Alkene decolourise bromine water?

Yes they do that. They are reacting together.

Would ethane decolorise bromine water?

Actually no...ethane ( Alkane class in general ) decolourise bromine water due to the absence of the double bond ( C=C ) ethene (alkenes in general ) will decolourise the bromine water..

Chemical reaction between phenol and bromine water?

it cant decolourise

Why does bromine water decolourise with SO2?

It's because, bromine water, being a good oxidising agent oxidises SO2 to H2SO4.

What simple chemical test will distinguish an alkene from an alkane?

Test both in bromine water. The unsaturated alkene will decolourise the bromine water.

Does cycloalkene decolourise bromine water?

Yes, just like the open chain alkenes.

Why does bromine water fade when testing for saturation?

Bromine reacts with the double / triple bonds giving typically a colourless compound. the bromine water therefore fades as the bromine reacts.

What you would see when orange bromine water is shaken with propene?

Bromine water is a dilute solution of bromine that is normally orange-brown in colour, but becomes colourless when shaken with an alkene. Alkenes can decolourise bromine water, while alkanes cannot.

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