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If you are trying to see if the current owner still has a payoff on the vehicle, it will say on the title. If it is a free and clear title then the original lien holder has to sign off on the title. Some states have a title and a form called a lien release. What state do you live in?

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Q: When buying a used boat how do you do a lien search?
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Do I have to go see the boats that are for sale?

If you are buying a boat that has been previously used, it is a good idea to inspect the boat in person before making a purchase. It still might be worthwhile to look at a new boat before buying as well.

What are some important considerations when I search for boats to purchase?

You want to do an out of water inspection to check for any irregularities in the hull. If you are buying a used boat you should check for floor rot, mildew, maintenance history, amount of boat hours logged and storage history.

Which websites have the best listings for used boats in Miami, Florida?

Buying a used boat is a great way to save money. I would suggest checking out the listings on Ebay for a used boat.

Used books websites in the US?

www.abebooks.comAlso, Amazon has an option for buying used books. You just search for the book as if you were buying it new, and as a subtitle used ones will be available.

What is your bill of sale boat?

A boat bill of sale is used to protect yourself whether you are buying a new boat or selling an older one. This is a legal document between you and the person you are doing your boat transaction with.

Is the sale of a fishing boat taxable if you reinvest the proceeds in buying another fishing boat?

Provided you paid for the orginal boat with post tax dollars, and the boat was not used in a business which declared the boat as an asset of the business, there is no tax. If the boat was used in the operation of a business, and was part of the assets, you must declare the sale on your business taxes. Otherwise there is no taxes.

What if a vehicle is bought that has a lien on it from first owner but been through a number of other owners can that vehicle be repossed in Ontario?

Now that Ontario has the used car package, you should be aware if any outstanding liens are on this vehicle. However if you purchased the vehicle with a lien still on it you are liable for that lien and the vehicle can be repo'd. If the vehicle was bought through a dealer then they are liable for the lien. Also check the lien to see if it has expired, as this is a case that happens alot. The lien expires but still shows up on the lien search or the original lien has been paid but the lien holder never released it.

How can you contact the people buying used book?

I would suggest you use your search engine and find a good website for used books.

What is a gravy boat?

Its the little dish used to serve gravy. It looks like a boat so its called that. If you go to Google Images and search gravy boat and you will get a whole bunch of pictures!! hope this helped!

Where do you go for a free lien check on a used vechile?


What questions should you ask when buying a used boat?

Things like how many hours on the engine, maintenance schedule, accidents, issues it may have.

What is a land lien?

A land lien (or property lien) is used to inform the public you owe money on the house. It is often printed in the local newspaper.

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