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If you are trying to see if the current owner still has a payoff on the vehicle, it will say on the title. If it is a free and clear title then the original lien holder has to sign off on the title. Some states have a title and a form called a lien release. What state do you live in?

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Q: When buying a used boat how do you do a lien search?
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What are some important considerations when I search for boats to purchase?

You want to do an out of water inspection to check for any irregularities in the hull. If you are buying a used boat you should check for floor rot, mildew, maintenance history, amount of boat hours logged and storage history.

Which websites have the best listings for used boats in Miami, Florida?

Buying a used boat is a great way to save money. I would suggest checking out the listings on Ebay for a used boat.

What is your bill of sale boat?

A boat bill of sale is used to protect yourself whether you are buying a new boat or selling an older one. This is a legal document between you and the person you are doing your boat transaction with.

Used books websites in the US?

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Is the sale of a fishing boat taxable if you reinvest the proceeds in buying another fishing boat?

Provided you paid for the orginal boat with post tax dollars, and the boat was not used in a business which declared the boat as an asset of the business, there is no tax. If the boat was used in the operation of a business, and was part of the assets, you must declare the sale on your business taxes. Otherwise there is no taxes.

What if a vehicle is bought that has a lien on it from first owner but been through a number of other owners can that vehicle be repossed in Ontario?

Now that Ontario has the used car package, you should be aware if any outstanding liens are on this vehicle. However if you purchased the vehicle with a lien still on it you are liable for that lien and the vehicle can be repo'd. If the vehicle was bought through a dealer then they are liable for the lien. Also check the lien to see if it has expired, as this is a case that happens alot. The lien expires but still shows up on the lien search or the original lien has been paid but the lien holder never released it.

How can you contact the people buying used book?

I would suggest you use your search engine and find a good website for used books.

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Where do you go for a free lien check on a used vechile?


Where is the best place to buy a used bass fishing boat in Charlotte, NC?

Bass Boat Outlet is probably the best place to start looking. It's a used boat site. However, you will need to refine your search to the area you're looking to buy in.

What is a land lien?

A land lien (or property lien) is used to inform the public you owe money on the house. It is often printed in the local newspaper.

What questions should you ask when buying a used boat?

Things like how many hours on the engine, maintenance schedule, accidents, issues it may have.

Finding Great Boat Dealers?

When you go shopping for a new boat, the first step is to look into the boat dealers in your area. You have a number of options, here. If you insist on a new boat, you'll want to buy directly from the manufacturers or from the boat dealer. If you can settle for used, you'll want to buy from the local papers and so on. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to each of these options.Buying Brand NewThe upside to buying a brand new boat is that it usually comes all in one piece. You get your motor, you get the boat itself, all intact. When buying used, you might wind up with a boat that needs a little work, you might have to buy a boat and motor separately, a boat might need to be reupholstered or repaired. In any event, a new boat is great if you have the money.That's one of the downsides, too, of course: 'if' you have the money. For someone who just wants a boat to cruise around with or do a little fishing, a new boat might be a little too big of an expense. Luckily, used boats do have their advantages, too.Buying Used BoatsA used boat is, first and foremost, much cheaper. A used boat that's still in great shape might only cost half as much as the exact same model new. Of course, the downside is that it may need repairs or a new motor. Luckily, this offers another advantage: customization.Taking a beat up old used boat and repairing it, tweaking it and tuning it to be your dream boat is really a great experience for the mechanically inclined. If you have the tools and the know-how, this can be an incredibly rewarding project and when you finally get it out on the water, you'll be able to take some incredible pride in your work. That's not something that just any boat owner can boast.

Can someone force a home be sold for a lien?

If they get a judgement, yes they can do that. And as long as the lien as valid, when the home is sold, the proceeds have to be used to clear the lien and mortgage.

Is there something similar to carfax for boats?

There is a company called that is the equivalent of carfax for watercrafts. Boat History Report runs their reports similar to carafax. You can run a history report and see if a boat has been in an accident, salvaged, submerged, seized, has an environmental lien, etc. It is a very valuable resource if you are in the used boat market.

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Is a subordination agreement a mortgage or a lien?

A subordination agreement is usually used to gain consent from one lien holder to take a junior position to another lien holder. It isn't by itself a mortgage or a lien.

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How do you go about putting lien for business debt?

You need to sue the debtor and if you prevail the court can issue a judgment lien. The judgment lien can be recorded in the land records and used by the sheriff to seize personal property.You need to sue the debtor and if you prevail the court can issue a judgment lien. The judgment lien can be recorded in the land records and used by the sheriff to seize personal property.You need to sue the debtor and if you prevail the court can issue a judgment lien. The judgment lien can be recorded in the land records and used by the sheriff to seize personal property.You need to sue the debtor and if you prevail the court can issue a judgment lien. The judgment lien can be recorded in the land records and used by the sheriff to seize personal property.

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Boat lifts are commonly used to assist the boat owner in storing, painting or repairing the boat or boat trailer. Boat lifts are fairly new but are a great deal more portable than what used to be used (cranes).

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