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When can a credit card company charge off your account?


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after 30 days or sooner

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No, a company can not charge a credit card without permission. This violation should be reported immediately to your credit card company.

No the physical card is not required to charge to your credit card account. All they need is the credit card number and back code. So yes they can charge things to your card.

Nope, unless your bank is the one you have your credit card with and even then if you send in writing to the company a request to contact you before debiting your account for a disputed charge to your account. Hope that helps.

Sure they can. Inactive means it hasn't been used for a while, but it is still a valid account.

No, if you close your credit card, a merchant will not be able to charge the account. When the merchant attempts to get an authorization, it will come back declined.Now, if a merchant received an authorization before the card account was closed, the authorization will be honored.A merchant may attempt to force a credit card transaction without an authorization, but the credit card company will not pay it.http://paymenttransactionsystems.com

Credit Cards are a type of charge card. American Express is a charge card brand that offers both credit and debit cards. It depends on the account type of the person using it. need to call your credit card company and file a complaint.

You can simply write to the credit card company and close your account. Then you can cut up your credit card.

No, what usaully takes place is that the credit card company freeze your credit card account and you continue to make payments

You can't MAKE a credit card company reopen an account. You can call the credit bureau and request that they change the status to indicate that is was closed by you and not the credit grantor. Or, you can simply put a notation in your credit report stating that the account was closed by you and not the card company.

No, a credit card company will not reopen a charged off account. They may choose to grant you a new line of credit, but this would be rare.

Get StartedCredit card companies periodically change the terms of your account. The changes generally take place automatically unless you do something to stop them. The "Letter to Cancel a Credit Card because of Poor Terms" allows you to notify your credit card company that you are unsatisfied with the new terms and directs the company to cancel your account. Some credit card companies will negotiate the terms. This is most likely to occur over an annual fee charge. Many credit card companies will waive the fee rather than lose your account. You may also want to cancel your account or attempt to negotiate over other changes in the terms of your account, such as an increase in the interest rate or a change in your credit limit.Be sure to check your credit card agreement for the credit card company's rights after you close the account. By law, the company can not charge an annual fee if you notify them of your intent to close your account within the time specified in the notice. If you attempt to use the card after the cancellation date, however, most credit card companies provide that such use constitutes acceptance of the new terms. If you intend to cancel the card, be sure not to later attempt to use it. If you have an outstanding balance at the time that you cancel the credit card, the credit card company may be able to charge you a different rate if it is specified in your agreement or in the notice of changed terms.

When a person doesn't pay a credit card bill does the cosigner have to pay the bill and all the interest? How much interest penalty can the credit card company charge per federal law?

If you have a verified credit card still on the account then it will charge the credit card, if the credit card used to make the account has been removed you will not be able to purchase anything unless you have an itunes card.

It happens and can be disputed. Call you credit card company or credit agencies.

In the United States giving a store a check for the purchase of products is a direct debit to one's checking account when the store deposits it in their own account and it is sent to your bank. There most be enough money in one's checking account to cover the check or it will bounce. Normally this means your bank will charge you for failing to keep enough funds in your account. The store owner will be notified and they will most likely mail you about the problem. In such a case, my personal advice is to go back to the store and pay them in cash for the product you purchased. With a credit card, it's presented to the store and your credit card company will credit the store and charge the store about 5% for providing them the service. The customer will receive in their monthly bill from the credit card, notice of the charge and charge you interest on the money they have "loaned" you. If the credit card company is correct, you simply pay the minimum monthly balance they ask for. My personal advice is to mail the credit card company the amount of money you charged and avoid an interest charge.

Credit card companies will not reopen a credit card account once it has been closed. The company will issue a new credit card and new account if it wishes to do business with the person.

When your Amazon account is closed, the credit card info that is associated with the account will not be kept by the company and will be deleted also.

The credit card should be returned to the credit card company or destroyed and the company should be notified immediately of the death so the account can be closed.

Generally, no, unless you cancel the transaction after the fact. If you have made a payment to the credit card company and cancel after the time the transaction was made, yes, the credit card company may take money out of your checking/savings account. If you made some mistake when using your credit card which resulted in a fee or finance charge, the credit card company may put that amount on your credit card bill but may not take the amount out of your checking/savings account unless you specifically ask them to. If you have automatic payments set up, the credit card company may honor those instructions until you send them a WRITTEN request to change the setup. Most card companies allow you to bypass the written component and change automatic payments online.

Settlement usually occurs when the account is past due and has been closed. You can either try to settle with the credit card company, or the debt collector that the credit company sold the account to.

First of all, you call the credit card company you are with and tell them you want to have your credit card cancelled, it doen't get any easier than that!!

It depends on the credit card and company, and your specific plan. Usually nothing. Some may charge a small fee for maintaining the card (which may be waived if the card is used.) Some may cancel the account, such as is common with Pre-Pay cards. Contact your bank or credit company for more info.

You should not avoid paying the minimum due in your credit card account. The credit card company does not care if you lost your job. What you need to do is to speak with a credit consolidation agency in your area. Ask around about their reputation. The credit consolidation company will make a deal with your credit card company.

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