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When can a person be charged with murder?


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when they commit murder or are involved with the murder such as an accomplice.


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If that person dies due to the injuries cause from the attempted murder then you can be charged with murder. But if you are convicted of attempted murder prior to that, double jeopardy would prevent you from being convicted of murder

Yes, only if person dies from injuries sustained from the attempted murder of that person.

Depending on the prosecuting authorities, that person can be charged with robbery, assault, attempted murder and murder (if someone dies during the robbery).

Of course you can be charged if you attempt a murder.

When a person is charged with either 1) two separate theories of murder or 2) for the murder of two separate people.

A person can only be charged with one type of homicide for each person who was killed. If a pregnant woman was killed and the fetus was at least half term, then there are two homicides with which a person can be charged. Vehicular homicide is typically a less serious offense than murder. If evidence exists that the driver purposely ran over an individual with the intent to kill him, and did kill him, the driver can be charged with murder.

Yes, they can be charged with murder, like anyone else.

By commiting a murder. Which I do NOT recommend.......

He was charged with murder.

If the deceased was a female who was pregnant and carrying a viable fetus.

Yes but if you are caught, you will be charged with murder if the person dies in the grave.

You can be charged with murder if there is evidence that you have committed murder - you dont necessarily have to have killed someone - you may be framed. Also, say you are robbing someone and someone is killed in the process, you may be charged with felony murder in it blood?

The same steps used to charge someone with any crime is the same for murder. Enough evidence has to be gathered for the person to be charged with it; the person has been arrested and brought before the court for trial. In many states a person must be indicted by a grand jury to be formally charged with murder, but can be arrested and held pending such grand jury indictment.

I consider myself to be a well-informed person, and I don't know of any American President ever to be charged with murder. However, many former U.S. Presidents are or were veterans of war; soldiers cannot be charged with murder for killing someone during combat.

Depending on the factors, you could be charged as a principle in the case - the same as if you actually committed the murder.

Yes, you can be charged with carrying and offencive weapon. you will most likely not be charged with murder, but if you were to stab the person 20 times or something that would not be legal force and you may be charged with manslaughter.

You can be charged with murder if you kill someone in self defense. You killed someone else. That person is dead. The reason could be first degree murder, second degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, or self defense. In each case, the other person is dead and you killed him. The only difference is your intent. You can be charged with murder in any case. The trial discovers your intent. A number of murder cases have been reversed on appeal because it was obvious to the appeal court that the prisoner acted in self defense. Some prosecutors or cops will not believe you.

No, you cannot murder an illegal alien. If you murder any living thing, you will be charged with murder.

Yes. A person can be tried for different murder charges at the same time. A jury can be asked to find the defendant guilty of murder in the 1st degree, 2nd degree, manslaughter, etc.

In most states they are only charged with one count of murder, but sometimes the degree of murder is raised...i.e. First, second, or third degree.

The length of time after which a person cannot be charged for committing a specific crime. Murder has no statute of limitations.

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