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my sister is 15 mons. old and she started to feed herself around 6-9 mons old.

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Q: When can babies feed themselves?
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What age do babies feed themselves?

The age in which a baby begins to feed themselves will vary. On average a baby will begin to feed themselves around 10 to 12 months.

Why doesn't the mom rabbit feed her babies?

To teach them how to do it for themselves.

How do mother snakes feed their babies?

snakes dont care for their young after birth...the mothers leave after they lay their eggs and the babies can feed themselves.

What do robins feed their babies?

Most birds feed their babies what they eat themselves, only torn up into smaller pieces. Robins eat insects and worms.

By what age are babies usually able to feed themselves soft finger foods?

12 mhts

Do spiders feed young with milk?

Spiders don't feed their babies with milk. Baby spiders get their feed by themselves catching small insects and don't need mother's care.

How do parents feed their babies?

do the parent seahorses feed there babies

Why do rabbits not feed their babies?

They won't feed their babies if they have a human scent on them.

How do horses raise their young?

Horses stay with their babies until ready to be by themselves, they feed their babies with their milk until ready to eat normal foods. Hope it helped!

When can you feed human babies milk?

It depends on your current location, availability of certain places, enthusiasm to feed babies, the method of feeding, the condition of the human babies, your mode of transportation, the weather at the time, the location of the human babies you desire to feed, how many people are currently feeding babies at the place you desire to feed human babies at, the condition and type of the milk you desire to feed to the human babies, the method of feeding, the allowance of the parents/guardian, your trustworthiness based on past experiences feeding human babies milk, the impact the baby has on you, the location that you plan to feed the human babies milk, the age of the human babies you desire to feed milk to, the current and planned eating habits of the human babies you desire to feed milk to, the impact you have on the human babies that you desire to feed milk to, the impact the location you plan to feed human babies milk to has on the human babies, the time you plan to feed milk to human babies, and so on.

Which animals feed their babies?

All mammals Breast Feed there babies/children.....:)

How do hummingbird's feed their babies?

Hummingbirds feed their babies insects or regurgitate nectar.

How do sponges feed themselves?

Sponges have an incredible ability to feed themselves. Most sponges will choose to filter feed in order to feed themselves.

How do female bats feed their babies?

Female mammals feed their babies milk from their bodies.

How do hyacinth macaws feed their babies?

the momma chews up the nuts and feed it to their babies

How do gecko's feed their babies?

they feed by their habitat they feed by their habitat

How does mother parakeet feed her babies?

you have to feed it.

How do hummingbirds feed their babies?

Hummingbirds gather lots of various small insects to feed their babies

What happens when the female deer has babies?

they have to feed their babies

Do Troodons feed milk to their babies?

Of course! But if Troodons were not related to mammals, they might not feed their babies milk.

How do snakes feed their young?

The young feed themselves by eating micro bacteria and small insects

How do female turkeys feed their babies?

The female turkeys use their beaks to feed their babies. They pick the food up in their own beaks and then give it to the babies.

Why is there boobies?

To feed there babies !

How does a tortoise feed their babies?

They don't. The babies are independent when they hatch.

How many babies does the dolphin have and how do they feed their babies?

One and milk