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Both velocity and acceleration can be negative when an object is slowing down, or when an object accelerates backwards, which is a negative direction, such as a car backing out of a driveway.

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Can a car have negative velocity and negative acceleration?

It cannot have negative velocity, it can have negative acceleration.

If a train is stopped suddenly then it's acceleration will be zero or it's velocity will be zero?

As it slows it's acceleration will be negative, deceleration is negative acceleration. During the slow down the velocity will drop. Once at rest both acceleration and velocity will be zero.

How does acceleration affect speed and velocity?

Acceleration changes the speed - usually increases it. A reduction is speed is negative acceleration , or deceleration. Acceleration can change the speed or direction (or both) of velocity.

Can a body have negative velocity and positive acceleration?

no a body can only have positive velocity .sometimes it have negative acceleration

Is it possible to have incresing velocity with decrease in acceleration?

No. Acceleration is Delta-Velocity / Delta-Time. If Acceleration is negative then that means that either Delta Velocity is negative or Delta Time is negative---which is not practical. For Acceleartion to be negative, that means the Velocity has to Decrease. (where Delta Velocity is change in Velocity or V2 - V1)

Can an object acceleration be a negative?

Yes. When the change in velocity (final velocity-initial velocity) is negative, the acceleration will be negative. For example, when a vehicle slows down to a stop, the change in velocity is negative because the final velocity is less than the initial velocity, which makes the change in velocity negative. Therefore the acceleration will be negative. a=(vf-vi)/(t2-t1)

What is called negative accelarration?

Deceleration. Negative acceleration = Velocity is decreasing by time. Positive acceleration = Velocity is increasing by time. Zero acceleration = Velocity is the same by time.

Is deceleration a form acceleration?

Acceleration and deceleration are both the rate at which velocity changes, Deceleration is a negative acceleration. In an equation the rate of deceleration is shown as a negative acceleration valueCentripetal acceleration is different and represents the rate of change of tangential velocity. There is no equivalent centripetal deceleration.

What is the term negative acceleration?

Negative acceleration describes a decrease in velocity over time. Accleration is an increase and zero acceleration is no change in velocity.

Should acceleration and velocity always have the same direction in a downward motion?

If you are talking about free fall, acceleration due to gravity and velocity will both be negative, until terminal velocity is reached, at which point the falling object is no longer accelerating and has constant negative velocity.

Give an example where both velocity and acceleration are negative?

you backing out of your driveway and slowing down to check for traffic (assuming forward is positive velocity and reverse is negative)

Do Both speed and acceleration include the direction of an object's motion?

No. The velocity of an object is how fast it is moving as well as the direction of the motion. So when considering one dimension, the velocity can be positive or negative. The speed of the object is simply the magnitude (absolute value, in the case of one dimension) of the velocity, with no direction. Acceleration is the change in velocity and does include direction. So if an object has a positive velocity (in one dimension) and its speed increases, the acceleration is negative. However, if the speed of an object moving the negative direction increases, then the acceleration is negative, because the velocity becomes "more negative."

What is negative accelertion?

Acceleration is any change in velocity. Negative acceleration is when the change is such that the speed decreases.

Is retardation positive or negative acceleration?

Retardation or deceleration is negative acceleration. It is opposite to the direction of velocity.

Is velocity the same as acceleration?

Both are vectors. But acceleration and velocity have different dimensions. Acceleration is defined as the rate of change of velocity.

Is acceleration velocity a scalar or vector?

Velocity and acceleration are both vector quantities.

How can you calculate the velocity and acceleration of falling objects?

Acceleration:Always the same, doesn't need to be calculated. Acceleration of gravity = 9.8 meters (32.2 ft) per second2Acceleration of gravity is negative (points down).Velocity:(Initial velocity) + [ (acceleration) x (time) ]Positive velocity = moving upNegative velocity = moving down

Can the velocity of an object be positive and acceleration negative?

Yes. An object slowing down but still moving in a positive direction has a positive velocity but a negative acceleration.

Can an objects acceleration be a negative number?

Yes it can be.When a body has its initial velocity greater than its final velocity, then the body can have negative acceleration since acc.=change in velocity/time

Differentiate positive acceleration and negative acceleration?

A positive acceleration is a change in velocity such that the latter velocity is greater than the former velocity and is therefore going fasterwhile a negative acceleration or deceleration is a change in velocity such that the latter velocity is lesser than the former velocity and is therefore going slower.Now let us look at the equation of a uniform acceleration (the change in velocity is uniform):a = (vf-vi)/sIf the final velocity is greater, you will have a positive acceleration. If the initial velocity is greater, you will have a deceleration.

What does acceleration depend on?

Acceleration is change in velocity. So it depends on both velocity and time.

How does acceleration affect velocity?

Acceleration is the process of changing the magnitude or the direction of velocity, or both.

Are velocity and acceleration vectors?

Yes, velocity and acceleration are vectors as they both have a magnitude and a direction.

What is the definition of negative velocity?

Observe that the object below moves in the negativedirection with a changing velocity. An object which moves in the negative direction has a negative velocity. If the object is speeding up then its acceleration vector is directed in the same direction as its motion (in this case, a negative acceleration).

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