When can civil rights be taken away?

If the state believes you are involved in certain crimes including, but not limited to, drugs, insider trading, RICO violations, terrorism, domestic violence etc., they can suspend your civil rights prior to trial, and in some cases, are not compelled to give you a trial.

Some of their criterion has been a bit broad, thus a small amount of marijuana on a citizen's property has been grounds for total asset forfeiture prior to a trial, or even an arrest. Or "terrorism" can be claimed if one has donated to a non-profit that itself may have donated to another group that may support or encourage terroristic activities.

Little known generally, but of great concern to our troops, is the loss of their right to bear arms if a civil protective order is upheld against them. Thus with no jury trial or criminal conviction, a policeman or soldier may be discharged from all duties, as being no longer able to serve.