When can i change the jewelry in my navel piercing?

6-8weeks but be careful your piercing is still not fully healed and you want to make sure you put a high quality piece of jewelry straight back in. You also don't want it to heavy or it will pull on the piercing and cause discomfort or weeping.

Also you should look for high quality jewelry that will not tear your piercing internally threaded or snap shut clasps work best since they don't have sharp threads to drag through your piercing.

Changing the jewellery too soon can cause more issues with the piercing and prolong the healing time. Navel piercings take 3 to 6 months to form a light heal and up to a year to become fully healed.

Listen the navel tissue (skin) has very little blood circulation, the only circulation there is just enough to keep the tissue happy and healthy. We are trying to get your body to form tissue ( fistula) and it is very important that that tissue be left a lone as much as possible to form an season on it's own.

Other than daily cleaning which you should be doing every morning in the shower or bath, there is no need to change the jewellery if you are not reacting to it. Changing jewellery will subject the piercing to unnecessary damage. If you really do want the jewellery changed earlier, see your piercer and have him/her change it for you so the tissue is not subjected to needless force.