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His vote is counted as the last vote

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Who votes for the lieutenant governor?

People do not vote for a Lieutenant Governor. He or she is selected by the candidate running for Governor.

Who presides over the senate when the lieutenant governor is absent?

The Lieutenant Governor serves as the president of the Senate. In his absence, the President pro Tempore will then preside.

Who is the presiding officer of the state senate?

The presiding officer of state senates is the Lieutenant Governor. The President Pro Tempore of the Senate presides in the absences of the Lieutenant Governor.

Who is the presiding officer of the Texas senate?

The Lieutenant Governor

Who presides over the Texas senate?

The Lieutenant Governor

Who is the presiding officer of the Nevada senate?

Lieutenant governor

Who is the presiding officer in the Georgia senate?

the lieutenant governor

Who is the lieutenant governor of the senate of Texas?

David Dewhurst!

Who is the President of Texas Senate?

The Lieutenant Governor of Texas.

Who elects the Lieutenant Governor?

State voters elect the lieutenant governor. In most states, the governor and lieutenant governor are elected together on a single ticket, but other states vote for lieutenant governor separately, meaning he or she may be from a different party than the governor.

Does the governor preside over the legislature?

No- not in any states that I know about. State constitutions are generally patterned after the federal one, with a balance of powers. The lieutenant-governor often presides over the State Senate and can vote only if there is a tie vote.

What does a lieutenant governor do?

The lieutenant governor is actually quite important in the state government. He goes to all the Senate meetings and if they are tied on a certain matter, his vote counts as the last one.It depends on the the region in question. In the United States, for example, the Lieutenant Governor in each state primarily serves as stand-in if the Governor is ever unable to perform his duties. Certain states have more powers assigned to the Lieutenant Governor such as speaker of the house of representatives.

The presiding officer in the Texas Senate is?

The Lieutenant Governor of Texas.

In most states who presiseds over the senate?

The Lieutenant Governor.

In Most states who presides over the Senate?

lieutenant governor

How is the lieutenant governor chosen in Tennessee?

Not elected by voters, but elcted by stats Senate. The Lieutentant Governor is also the Speaker of the Senate in Tennessee.

When does the lieutenant governor casts a vote in the General Assembly?

when there is a tie...

What are the major duties of the lieutenant governor of Indiana?

The lieutenant governor of Indiana is responsible for introducing legislation. They also debate on legislation and vote when there is a tie.

What branch of government is a lieutenant governor in?

it is in a brach this is the right answer: The Senate Aljinks

The person who presides over the Georgia state Senate is the?

Lieutenant Governor.

What is the Lieutenant Governor of West Virginia?

The state of West Virginia does not have a Lieutenant Governor, per se. The Senate President is first in line for succession in the event of a death or incapacity of the Governor.

Who presides over the State senate?

The Lieutenant Governor presides over the State Senate with a few exceptions.

What are lieutenant governor responsibilities?

The Lieutenant Governor in Texas is unique in that he is part of both the Executive and Legislative branches. As in most states, the Lieutenant Governor in Texas assumes the powers and duties of the Governor when the Governor is unable to serve or is absent from the state. But in Texas, the Lieutenant Governor is elected separately from the Governor, and each can be members of different political parties. The Texas Constitution names the Lieutenant Governor the Constitutional President of the Senate, but the Constitution also gives the Senate the authority to write its own rules. That's where the Lieutenant Governor derives most of his power. These rules, adopted by a majority of Senators at the beginning of each Legislative Session, set down in great detail how business is conducted in the Senate. Senate rules give the current Lieutenant Governor a great deal of influence in shaping state policy and influencing laws that may eventually be passed by the Senate. The rules allow the present Lieutenant Governor to decide all parliamentary questions and use his discretion in following Senate procedural rules. He can set up standing and special committees and appoint committee chairpersons and individual members. The order in which bills are considered is also set by the Lieutenant Governor under Senate rules. Another important source of power is the Lieutenant Governor's leadership role in the Senate. His leadership abilities and the faith and confidence he inspires in the Senators will determine how he is treated when the Senate writes its rules. The Texas Constitution gives the Lieutenant Governor the right to debate and vote on all issues when the Senate sits as a Committee of the Whole. And his Constitutional role as President of the Senate also gives the Lieutenant Governor the right to cast the deciding vote in the case of a Senate tie. Like the Speaker of the House, the Lieutenant Governor is required to sign all bills and resolutions. The Constitution also names him to the five-member Legislative Redistricting Board which apportions the state into senatorial and representative districts in the event the Legislature is unable to do so. These powers are fundamental since the Constitution can be changed only by a two-thirds vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, followed by the approval of a majority vote of the people at a statewide election. The Lieutenant Governor derives other powers and responsibilities from state statute. By statute, the Lieutenant Governor is a member of several Legislative branch boards and committees: the Legislative Budget Board , the Legislative Council, the Legislative Audit Committee and the Legislative Education Board. He is designated as Chair of the Legislative Budget Board and Legislative Council, which have considerable sway over state programs, the budget and policy. The Legislative Budget Board, for example, provides the Legislature with a recommended budget at the beginning of every session. In many other states, this is done only in the executive branch. The authority of the Legislative Budget Board is broad, and its influence on spending is significant. By his Chairship and his power to make appointments to the Board, the Lieutenant Governor exerts a powerful influence on public policy. The Lieutenant Governor is also a member of two Executive branch boards created by statute, the Cash Management Committee and the Bond Review Board.

What is the primary job of the lieutenant governor of Texas?

He is the presiding officer of the Texas Senate.

What role does the Lieutenant Governor play in the General Assembly?

He is chief officer of the senate.