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When can the constellation Draco be seen?

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Draco can be seen all year around, but the best time to spot this constellation is during the month of July. If you are looking north during the summer months, Draco is facing upright, but as the year goes on it slowly flips upside down. You can see Draco year-round in the northern hemisphere. The best viewing for Draco is during July at 80o above the horizon line while looking North.

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Where can you see Draco the constellation in Queensland?

The constellation Draco cannot be seen anywhere in Queensland, as it is visible only from northern latitudes.

Quadrantids can be seen raining through what constellation?


Quadrantids can be seen raining through this constellation?


Where is Draco?

Draco is a constellation that is located in the northern sky. It can be seen year round from the northern hemisphere.

Qua drantids can be seen rainging through what constellation?


When did Draco get its name?

Draco, the constellation, got its name in 1944 and is a mythological name like Orion or The Big Dipper. It is a beautiful constellation but is only seen at high lattitudes.

What are all the stars in the constellation Draco?

your moms in the constellation draco

Who discovered the constellation Draco?

The word "Draco" is Latin for "Dragon" The constellation Draco was discovered by Claudius Ptolemaeus

Where is the best place on earth to view Draco?

Draco is a constellation in the northern hemisphere, so the farther north of the equator, the better it can be seen.

How many stars are in Draco?

Draco, or "The Dragon", is located in the northern sky and is never seen from the southern hemisphere. There are 17 main stars in the constellation.

What are some interesting What are facts about Draco the constellation?

Draco means dragon and it is the oldest constellation

What animal is Draco the constellation?

Draco is a dragon.

When can you see Draco?

The best time to see the constellation Draco is in July around 9 PM local time in the Northern Hemisphere. Draco cannot be seen in the Southern Hemisphere.

What is Draco?

Draco is a constellation located in the northern sky. The name Draco means "dragon" in Latin. The constellation originated in Greek mythology.

What is the Draco constellation nickname?

Draco means Dragon

How many stars does the constellation Draco have?

the constellation Draco has 17 stars some people say it is 14.

Who was Draco named after?

Draco Malfoy was named after the star constellation.

Are the special features of Draco constellation?

what are special features in the draco star

The swan constellation lives near the heart of what other constellation?


What is the constellation nickname for Draco?


When was the constellation Draco discovered?


Why is the constellation Draco called Draco?

Because it looks like a dragon and Draco in Latin means "Dragon"!

What are some unanswered questions about the constellation Draco?

There are still some unanswered questions about the constellation draco. Many want to know how it happened and if the black hole had any effect on the constellation.

Can the constellation Draco be seen in the UK?

Yes. It is located to the North. If you find the North (Pole) Star and then find the little dipper, "saucepan" (Ursa Minor) Draco will be below the bottom of the "pan"

Why is Draco named Draco?

Because draco is the Latin word for dragon and the constellation allegedly looks like a dragon.